Harlaown family

A photograph of the Harlaown family in StrikerS

The Harlaown (ハラオウン Haraoun) family is first introduced in the original series. They are initially based on Midchilda and, since 0065, in Uminari City, Earth.


Generation 1Edit

Generation 2Edit

Lindy and Clyde's children (in order of seniority):


Generation 3Edit

Chrono and Amy's twin children:


  • Caro Ru Lushe (born in 0065, guardianship assumed by Fate in 0072, originally member of Ru Lushe tribe)
  • Lutecia Alpine (born in 0065, temporary guardianship assumed by Fate and Lindy in 0075, returned to her mother later that same year)[1]


  1. ^ In StrikerS Sound Stage 04 (track 9), Erio mentions that Fate and Lindy have been acting as her legal guardians.