"Hayate Yagami Thinks About Nowadays"
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MangaMagical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's THE COMICS
Japanese title「八神はやて、現在の日々を思う」
(Yagami Hayate, Genzai no Hibi wo Omou)
PublishedNovember 2005

"Hayate Yagami Thinks About Nowadays" (「八神はやて、現在の日々を思う」 Yagami Hayate, Genzai no Hibi wo Omou) is chapter 5 of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's THE COMICS.


This chapter presumably takes place between episodes 06 and 08 of A's and is narrated by Hayate. It opens with her at home alone with the Book of Darkness when Suzuka comes to visit her. The Wolkenritter have explained their daily absense with mundane activities (like Signum's kendo practice) but Hayate still feels saddened by it and the Book tries to cheer her up. Meanwhile, the Knights are actually hunting magical creatures on other worlds for their Linker Cores. While Hayate is still chatting with Suzuka, Shamal and Vita return but the Book leaves the house to meet Signum, who has collected six Cores (in addition to Vita's four and Shamal and Zafira's three) for her. Signum promises her to save Hayate and is contacted by Shamal, who comes to heal her wounds and take her home.


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