Healing Wind
Healing Wind
Shamal healing Nanoha and Fate
Spell profile
Primary casterShamal
Hayate Yagami
Magic systemAncient Belka
Japanese name癒しの風
(Iyashi no Kaze)
First app.The MOVIE 2nd A's
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Healing Wind (癒しの風 Iyashi no Kaze) is a healing spell under the Ancient Belkan magic system. Through enchantment with the caster's mana, living beings in the targeted area are vitalized, so that healing of wounds and recovery from fatigue are accelerated, and defensive equipment is repaired. In cases when the targets have consumed mana severely, the caster may even share his or her mana, making it a synthetic healing spell.[1]

The aria for this spell is "Oh wind, carry forth a blessing of healing!"

Notable usesEdit


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