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Hegemon Sky-breaking Sever
Hegemon Sky-breaking Sever
Spell profile
Other namesSky-breaking Sever
Primary casterEinhard Stratos
Magic systemAncient Belka
TypeShooting (Aimed)
Japanese name覇王空破断
(Haō Kūha Dan)
First app.ViVid (ch.15)
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Hegemon Sky-breaking Sever (覇王空破断 Haō Kūha Dan) is an attack used by Einhard Stratos in ViVid.

It is a shockwave attack that looks like the palm variation of Unchain Knuckle, and is classified by the DSAA as a "body-strengthening strike" (身体強化打撃 shintai kyōka dageki), although it is in substance a cross-range shooting attack.


In its first use in ViVid (ch.15), a "(temp)" ((仮) (kakkokari)) is attached to the spell name and is not deleted even in the re-published bound volume, indicating Einhard might not have decided the spell name as she has just invented this spell after learning Unchain Knuckle. The spell name is eventually confirmed in ViVid (ch.25).

In ViVid (ch.28 and afterwards) and The Gears of Destiny, when firing at longer ranges, the spell is merely named as Sky-breaking Sever (空破断 Kūha Dan) without the Hegemon prefix.

Notable uses[]