Hegemon Sky-severing Knuckle
Spell profile
Other namesSky-severing Knuckle
Primary casterEinhard Stratos
Fuka Reventon
Magic systemAncient Belka
Modern Belka
TypeMagic-enhanced attack
StyleKaiser Arts
Japanese name覇王断空拳
(Haō Dankū Ken)
First app.ViVid (ch.4)
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Hegemon Sky-severing Knuckle (覇王断空拳 Haō Dankū Ken) is Einhard Stratos's signature punch attack. This attack can also be executed as a knife-hand strike or a palm strike.

According to the conversation between Einhard and Nove Nakajima, Dankū is a technique to unleash with bare knuckles the power charged from the feet. Irene Hardin comments that it has the quality to open the door of Devine Attack.

Nove has managed to cast it after coaching Einhard's practises for certain period of time, although her magic system is unknown. In ViVid Strike!, Einhard has also taught it to Fuka Reventon, her Kaiser Arts apprentice.


The attack name is sometimes shortened as Sky-severing Knuckle (断空拳 Dankū Ken) for simplicity.

Fuka's version is officially known as Fu-Style Hegemon Sky-severing Knuckle (フー式・覇王断空拳 Fū Shiki Haō Dankū Ken), despite no notable difference so far.

Notable usesEdit


Einhard casting the attack on Nove


True Sky-severing Knuckle (真 覇王断空拳 Shin Haō Dankū Ken) is the enhanced version of the attack which Einhard uses in ViVid (ch.101) to knock out Edelgard Barkas in their U15 match.


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