"Hereafter of the Aces"
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MangaMagical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's THE COMICS
Japanese title「エースたちのそれから」
(Ēsutachi no Sorekara)
PublishedDecember 2005

"Hereafter of the Aces" (「エースたちのそれから」 Ēsutachi no Sorekara) is chapter 6 of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's THE COMICS. It was originally published in December 2005.


The chapter takes place on January 4, 0066, a few days after the final episode of A's. The Book of Darkness Incident has been resolved within a month (December 0065), mainly thanks to the two aces, Nanoha and Fate, who are now relaxing at home and discussing the upcoming two night trip (described in A's Sound Stage 03). They talk about Hayate and her Knights and admit that they feel troubled by Reinforce's "death" at their hands. Hayate calls from the TSAB Headquarters and arranges to have lunch with them. The Knights are with her but cannot come along since they still have interviews and examinations with the Bureau. Nanoha and Fate come over to Hayate's apartment and help her make lunch. After they sit down for a cup of tea, Hayate reveals to blame herself for the entire incident. Nanoha and Fate comment on how responsible Hayate has become and Nanoha suggests that Hayate's personality may have melded with Reinforce's. Hayate bursts into tears and tries to stop herself but Nanoha and Fate hug her and tell her that it's OK to cry for a lost friend.


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