Impulse Blade
Impulse Blade
Device profile
Other namesEnergy Wings
CreatorJail Scaglietti
Magic systemSpecial (IS)
TypeInherent Equipment
Japanese nameインパルスブレード
(Inparusu Burēdo)
First app.StrikerS (ep.12)
Last app.StrikerS
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Impulse Blade (インパルスブレード Inparusu Burēdo) is Tre's Device-like Inherent Equipment. It is also known as the Energy Wings (エネルギー翼 Enerugī Yoku).

It consists of eight feather-like wings, two in each of her arms and legs, that work along with her IS "Ride Impulse" to provide her outstanding speed. A pair of wings can fuse into a single energy blade to be used as a melee weapon, as shown in the match against Fate T. Harlaown.

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