Inherent Skill (インヒューレントスキル Inhyūrento Sukiru), shortened to IS (IS Ai Esu) and sometimes rendered in kanji as Inherent Fixed Skill (先天固有技能), is a specialization of each Number, ranging from passive abilities, e.g. Uno's information processing skills, to purely combat applications, e.g. Cinque's Rumble Detonator. Although the IS may appear like magic, it is not, as it is fixed and cannot be learned or otherwise directly transferred to anyone but its owner because it is intricately tied to a particular Number's cyborg frame.

The "Inherent Magic/Spell" used by Subaru and Ginga Nakajima, Wing Road, is similar to an IS but is mana-driven. Their Devices, Mach Caliber and Blitz Caliber, have been modified to augment this spell and even cast it on their own, but this required complex calibration beforehand.

List[edit | edit source]

Full list of known Inherent Skills and derived abilities:

Aerial CannonWendiAttackBombardment
Aerial RaveWendiSupportTransport
Aerial ShotWendiAttackShooting
Air LinerNoveSupportTransport
Break LinerNoveAttackMelee
Deep DiverSeinSupportTransport
Flawless SecretaryUnoSupportIncrease
Floater MineWendiAttackShooting
Gun ShooterNoveAttackShooting
Hard ShellCinqueDefenseBarrier
Heavy BarrelDieciAttackBombardment
Liar's MaskDueIllusion
Lightning BindFate Testarossa
Oscillating BreakerSubaru NakajimaAttackShooting
Oscillating KnuckleSubaru NakajimaAttackMelee
Prisoner BoxOttoForce fieldArea
Ray StormOttoAttackArea-of-effect
Revolver ShootSubaru NakajimaAttackShooting
Revolver SpikeVivio
Corona Timil
Magic-enhanced attack
Ride ImpulseTreSupportTransport
Rumble DetonatorCinqueAttackShooting
Silver CurtainQuattroIllusion
Slaughter ArmsSetteAttackMelee
Stun KnuckleNove
Corona Timil
Twin Blades (spell)DeedAttackEnergy blade
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