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Intermiddle Championship (インターミドル・チャンピオンシップ Intāmidoru Chanpionshippu), commonly shortened as Intermiddle, is an interdimensional sports event organized by the Dimension Sports Activity Association (DSAA). It is a tournament for magical fighters aged 10 to 19. For safety reasons, all participants are required to possess a "Class 3" (CLASS3) or higher Device.[1]


Before the tournament, a selection committee assigns all participants to the Novice Class (ノービスクラス Nōbisu Kurasu) or the Elite Class (エリートクラス Erīto Kurasu) according to their past results. Novice Class participants winning in the preliminary stage can progress to the Super Novice (SN) Class, and then to the Elite Class.

In Central Midchilda, 21 fighters compete for the title of city champion: 20 representatives from 17 districts plus the last year's reigning champion. The winners of municipal championships gain the right to participate in the world championship. The best fighters (on Midchilda, the top three) of each dimensional world then compete with each other for the title of the strongest fighter of the multiverse.[1]

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