Top row: "Mass Production Type" and "Inherent Type"; bottom row: "Satellite Cannon Type"

Iris Unit[1] (イリス群体 Irisu Guntai) is the Terra Forming Unit clones created by Iris. The Iris Unit is voiced by Yōko Hikasa.

In Detonation, Iris take her times to creating Iris Unit after her retreat, along with Yuri was ordered to attacks the Tokyo city. Due to Iris created the Iris Unit, it's also caused the revival of their true creator by transfers his soul into one of android's body. After their boss was caught by Time-Space Administrative Bureau, an remaining member of Iris Unit are went hiding and their fate is still unknown.

Notable Iris UnitEdit

  • Iris Unit "Mass Production Type" (イリス群体「量産型」 Irisu Guntai "Ryōsan-Gata") is a basic unit of Iris Unit. It's uses for research, communication and creates weapons.
  • Iris Unit "Inherent Type" (イリス群体「固有型」 Irisu Guntai "Koyū-Gata") is the higher rank of Iris Unit, the "Mass Production Type" must follows "Inherent Type" orders. Unlike the "Mass Production Type", each "Inherent Type" have different appearance and different personalities.
  • Iris Unit "Satellite Cannon Type" (イリス群体「衛星砲護衛型」 Irisu Guntai "Eisei-Hō Goei-Gata") is a special unit transformed from the satellite created by Iris back during when Kyrie Florian and Iris arrived on Earth, it's uses Satellite Cannon for battle. The lack of gravity on space won't affect the "Satellite Cannon Type".


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