Jet Edge
Jet Edge's active form in ViVid
Device profile
Other namesJet (ViVid et seq.)
CreatorJail Scaglietti
GenderMale (ViVid et seq.)
LanguageEnglish (ViVid et seq.)
Magic systemSpecial (IS)
TypeInherent Equipment
Japanese nameジェットエッジ
(Jetto Ejji)
First app.StrikerS (ep.16)
Voiced byJamie Schyy (ViVid et seq.)
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Jet Edge (ジェットエッジ Jetto Ejji) is Nove's Device-like Inherent Equipment introduced in StrikerS. Like the Gun Knuckle, it is a state-of-the-art weapon created by Jail Scaglietti based on Subaru Nakajima's Mach Caliber.


In ViVid, it is sometimes nicknamed by Nove as "Jet" (ジェット Jetto).[1]


Jet Edge appears alongside Nove in StrikerS, StrikerS manga, Sound Stage X and ViVid.

By the time of ViVid (or more likely when Nove completes the rehabilitation program before Sound Stage X), Jet Edge seems to have been upgraded into an Intelligent Device, with newly-added standby form, vocal (probably new AI), synchronzation with Gun Knuckle, and handling of Barrier Jacket.


  • Its standby form in ViVid is a yellow crystal, similar to Mach Caliber and Blitz Caliber. However, it is noted the gem shape will change to rectangular in its active mode.
  • Its usual form in StrikerS and active form in ViVid is a pair of two-wheel motorized rollerblades and can ignite its exhaust nozzle boosters in its rear to boost the speed or kicking power.


It includes a set of counter-rotating gears (named Break Gear) on each leg, similar to the Knuckle Spinner of Revolver Knuckle.

Like the Revolver Knuckle, Jet Edge is probably based on the built-in weapons of Gear Fighter Dendoh.



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