Jet Step
Jet Step
Vivio approaching her opponent with Jet Step
Spell profile
Primary casterVivio Takamachi
Magic systemModern Belka
Japanese nameジェットステップ
(Jetto Suteppu)
First app.ViVid (ch.21)
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Jet Step (ジェットステップ Jetto Suteppu) is a "step" used by Vivio Takamachi in ViVid, enabling rapid movement. For simplicity, it is seen as a transport-type spell.

Vivio acquires this new step during her secret training for 0079 Intermiddle Championship. It fits her counterattack battle style well.

Notable usesEdit

  • During the first stage of 0079 Intermiddle in ViVid (ch.21) / ViVid anime (ep.8), Vivio first uses a back-step to induce the opponent to come forward, and then uses Jet Step to rush forward, followed by a roundhouse kick.
  • In ViVid (ch.32), Vivio uses Jet Step to suddenly approach Miura Rinaldi at the beginning of their match, followed by punch attacks.
  • In ViVid (ch.94), Vivio uses it at the beginning of her guest battle against Nanoha Takamachi to dodge her shooters and approach her for infighting.
  • In ViVid (ch.97), Vivio uses it to dash towards Nanoha for infighting, after defending against her Starlight Breaker.
  • In The Gears of Destiny, Vivio uses Jet Step to escape after the battle with Yuuno Scrya.[1]


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