Kaiser Arts (覇王流(はおうりゅう) / カイザーアーツ Haō ryu / Kaizā Ātsu, lit. Hegemon-style) is a school of close-combat martial art first introduced in ViVid. It is passed down among the descendants of Claus Ingvalt, an ancient Hegemon of Shutra, from the Ancient Belkan era to modern ages.

In ViVidEdit

The only modern practitioner of Kaiser Arts in ViVid is Heidi E. S. Ingvalt, who is revealed to be the secret identity of Einhard Stratos, a descendant of Hegemon Ingvalt. Einhard has inherited the knowledge of Kaiser Arts via genetic memory, along with the art of Adult Mode transformation and her characteristic heterochromia and silvery-green hair. She is known to treat her heritage with great reverence, claiming that Kaiser Arts are her "everything" and even breaking off a sparring with Vivio Takamachi when she believes that Vivio does not take the fight seriously enough.

In ViVid Strike!Edit

Fuka Reventon becomes a trainee of Kaiser Arts under Einhard's teaching, as Einhard finds that she is talented in striker skills.


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