Long Arch
TSAB Logo LongArch
The official Long Arch emblem reminiscent of its commander's Device, Schwertkreuz
Organization profile
TypeSpecial forces
LocationMidchilda Southfort A73
LeaderHayate Yagami
Division ofAdministrative Bureau
Ground Armaments Service
Lost Property Riot Force 6
Japanese nameロングアーチ
(Rongu Āchi)
First app.StrikerS (ep.3)
Last app.StrikerS (ep.26)

Long Arch (ロングアーチ Rongu Āchi, also H.Q. Long Arch) is the administrative section of Lost Property Riot Force 6.

It can also be considered as Riot Force 6's headquarters located at Midchilda Southfort A73 district during StrikerS manga and StrikerS. The building is completed early in the season, then nearly demolished by the Numbers' attack late in the series. It is then tentatively headquartered on Arthra until the building is rebuilt after the JS Incident.



Callsign Name Age Rank Position Mage rank Magic system Device
Long Arch 00 Hayate Yagami 19 2nd Ground Commander Commander SS (Synthetic) Ancient Belka Reinforce Zwei
Tome of the Night Sky
Long Arch 01 Shario Finieno 16 1st Ground Member Communication Operator,
n/a n/a n/a
Long Arch 03 Alto Krauetta 15 2nd Ground Member Mobil Maintenance Officer,
Communication Operator,
Helicopter Pilot
n/a n/a n/a
TBC Reinforce Zwei 8 Air Sergeant Leader Chief of Staff A+ (Synthetic) Ancient Belka Book of the Azure Sky
TBC Griffith Lowran n/a Preparation Ground Captain Commander Assistant,
Communication Operator
n/a n/a n/a
TBC Vice Granscenic n/a Ground Sergeant Helicopter Pilot B+ Midchilda Storm Raider
TBC Lucino Liilie n/a 2nd Ground Member Communication Operator,
Vessels Steerer
n/a n/a n/a
TBC Shamal n/a n/a Medical Master AA+ (Synthetic) Ancient Belka Klarwind
n/a Zafira n/a n/a Guard Beast AA (estimated) Ancient Belka n/a