The Lost Logia are magical items of tremendous power in the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha universe. Legacies of collapsed civilizations, particularly Ancient Belka, the Lost Logia are very dangerous when they fall into the wrong hands, which is why one of the main goals of the Time-Space Administration Bureau is to contain them. Almost every season of the series involves a different Lost Logia.


Logia (Greek: "sayings") refers to a presumed collection of Jesus Christ's sayings, predating the Gospels.


It may also be inferred that the red jewel in the Garden of Time reactor in the original series, the Type IV Gadget Drones in StrikerS, and the Dividers in Force are possibly Lost Logia, as well.

In StrikerS episode 7, the Riot Force 6 guards a legal auction of minor Lost Logia taking place in Hotel Augusta.

In StrikerS Sound Stage 01, the Riot Force 6 travels to Earth to recover a minor Lost Logia that has been lost in transport. The artifact does not carry any risk of a dimensional rift; however, it is very valuable. Its main mode of defense is creation of illusionary copies of itself.