Lost Property Riot Force 6
Organization profile
Other namesGAS-LPRF6[1]
Riot Force 6
TypeMilitary unit
LocationMidchilda Southfort A73[1]
EstablishedApril 0075[2]
DissolvedApril 0076[3]
LeaderHayate Yagami
Division ofAdministrative Bureau
Ground Armaments Service
Notable subdivisionsLong Arch, Forward Stars, Forward Lightning
Japanese name古代遺物管理部機動六課
(Kodai Ibutsu Kanribu Kidō Rokka)
First app.StrikerS (ep.3)
Last app.StrikerS manga (ch.14)
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Lost Property Riot Force 6 (古代遺物管理部機動六課 Kodai Ibutsu Kanribu Kidō Rokka, lit. "Antiquities Administration Department Mobile Section 6"),[4] officially abbreviated as GAS-LPRF6[5][1] and commonly shortened to simply Riot Force 6 (機動六課 Kidō Rokka, lit. "Mobile Section 6"), is a subdivision of the Administrative Bureau Ground Armaments Service that Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS focuses on.



Key members of Riot Force 6

Riot Force 6 structure
Long Arch staff
Commanding officer Lt.Col. Hayate Yagami
SNCO/Chief of Staff SGM Reinforce Zwei
Executive officer WO Griffith Lowran
CPL Shario Finieno
PFC Alto Krauetta
PFC Lucino Lilie
Chief medical officer Shamal
Others MSgt Vice Granscenic
Forwards: Forward Stars Forward Lightning
Captains Capt. Nanoha Takamachi (StarS 1) Capt. Fate T. Harlaown (Lightning 1)
Sub-Commanders 2nd Lt. Vita (StarS 2) 1st Lt. Signum (Lightning 2)
Forwards PFC Subaru Nakajima (StarS 3)
PFC Teana Lanster (StarS 4)
PVT Erio Mondial (Lightning 3)
PVT Caro Ru Lushe (Lightning 4)

Additionally, Master Sergeant Ginga Nakajima of Battalion 108 was temporarily tranferred to the Riot Force 6 during the JS Incident.

See also the complete RF6 roster.

In StrikerSEdit

The main goal of Riot Force 6 is to train the Forwards, and at the same time, stop Jail Scaglietti from obtaining all the Relics. Riot Force 6 has faced heavy criticism from other branches of the TSAB because of the fact that their captain is Hayate Yagami, owner of the Book of Darkness, and a former criminal. Riot Force 6 is also criticized because they have Hayate, Nanoha, and Fate on their team, and normally such powerful mages would not be put in a single section to spare the time-space continuum the enormous strain created by their magical activity. To address the latter problem, Hayate, Nanoha, Fate, Signum, and Vita all had powerful limiters placed upon them until the very last stages of the JS Incident.

While formally part of TSAB Ground Forces, the Riot Force 6 reported back directly to the TSAB Headquarters, raising the suspicion of the Ground Forces's commander Regius Gaiz even further.

At the end of StrikerS, Riot Force 6 was disbanded because with Jail Scaglietti defeated, there was no reason for its continued existence.

In ForceEdit

The Riot Force 6 has somehow been reassembled again under the name Special Duty Section 6 in Force, reuniting most of the former members (in addition to new ones), in order to deal with the Book of the Silver Cross Incident and the Eclipse.


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