Lyra Caprice
Lyra Caprice
Lyra in a video message
Character profile
Japanese nameライラ・カプリス
(Raira Kapurisu)
First app.ViVid Strike! (ep.2, video)
Voiced byAyaka Fukuhara

Lyra Caprice[1] (ライラ・カプリス Raira Kapurisu) is a minor character first introduced in ViVid Strike! anime series.


Caprice is presumably named after Chevrolet Caprice.

In ViVid Strike!Edit

In episode 2, it is explained that in 0079, i.e. one year before the story of ViVid Strike!, Rinne Berlinetta has knocked out Lyra in a striker match, which is probably her last time on stage due to family issues. Fuka Reventon explains her pity for Lyra after Rinne commenting her badly in a post-match interview, which eventually makes the friendship of Fuka and Rinne worsened.

In episode 12, Lyra appears in her video message to Rinne after Rinne's private match with Fuka Reventon. In the message, she apologises for not being on par with Rinne in the abovementioned match, and shows Rinne that she now resumes her striker training to become stronger, because it is her true passion. She also expresses her hope for a rematch with Rinne in the future.


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