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Lyrical Toy Box
Lyrical Toy Box
Video game
DeveloperIvory Co.
WriterMasaki Tsuzuki
PublisherJANIS Computer Software
GenreVisual novel
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows
ReleasedJune 29, 2001
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Lyrical Toy Box (リリカルおもちゃ箱 Ririkaru Omocha Hako) is a merchandise CD, released for Triangle Heart 3 on June 29, 2001. It contains a large amount of fan material, including a number of visual novel-like stories called "mini-scenarios". One of them, entitled "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha", cast Nanoha Takamachi (a minor character in the TH3 canon) as a magical girl and served as a prototype for the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha anime series. The following article describes only said mini-scenario.

The contents of the Lyrical Toy Box have never been translated into English or any other language.


One year after the events of TH3 (it is assumed the scenario and the game share the same continuity), Nanoha encounters a green-haired fairy from the Dream World named Lindy. Lindy has lost a magical artifact from her county called "Crystal" (クリスタル Kurisutaru) and needs Nanoha's help in recovering it. Thus, Nanoha resolves to become a magical girl, aided by Lindy, her new magical staff Raising Heart, and her fox-girl sidekick Kuon (久遠), originally a character in TH3.[1] Chrono served as the antagonist of the story and Nanoha's rival.[2]

Relation to the anime series[]

Nanoha's original magical girl design in the Lyrical Toy Box

  • The nine-year-old Nanoha was recast as a magical girl in the anime, though her origin story has been altered. Nanoha's magical girl costume was further enhanced, until some of the production staff joked that it was reminiscent of a Gundam, which eventually resulted in the Nanoha series' military science fiction themes.
  • Raising Heart's design has been modified for the anime, replacing the original heart-shaped crystal in it with a sphere.
  • Winged fairy Lindy has evolved into Lindy Harlaown, a human mage. As a nod to her origin, when Lindy uses magic in the original series, she sprouts wings made of green light. Lindy's original blue overcoat became the prototype of the TSAB Dimensional Navy uniform.
  • The shapeshifting fox-girl Kuon transformed into the shapeshifting "ferret" boy Yuuno Scrya.
  • The villainous Chrono evolved into Chrono Harlaown. As a nod to his origin, he still wears the "evil" black outfit with spikes, which served as prototype for the Enforcer uniform.




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