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Mach Caliber AX
Mach Caliber (left) and Revolver Knuckle (right) in StrikerS
Mach Caliber (left) and
Revolver Knuckle (right) in StrikerS
Device profile
Other namesXM-01
MasterSubaru Nakajima
CreatorShario Finieno
Magic systemModern Belka
Japanese nameマッハキャリバーAX
(Mahha Kyaribā Ei Ikusu)
First app.StrikerS (ep.4)
Voiced byKaoru Edo
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Mach Caliber (マッハキャリバー Mahha Kyaribā) is an Intelligent Device created for Subaru Nakajima by Shario Finieno in StrikerS. She takes form of a pair of rollerblades and is a twin Device to Ginga Nakajima's Blitz Caliber, also created by Shari.


In StrikerS opening theme one, Mach Caliber is coded XM-01, but her name is misspelled as "Mach Cariber".

By the time of Force, she is upgraded to Mach Caliber AX (マッハキャリバーAX Mahha Kyaribā Ei Ikusu).


Apart from her initial appearance in StrikerS and StrikerS manga, Mach Caliber also features in Sound Stage X, ViVid and Force.

Mach Caliber's design is based on Subaru's Self-made Rollerblades. Mach Caliber claimes she was made to make Subaru stronger and faster, but the latter disagrees because she believes that Mach Caliber, as an Intelligent Device with her own free will, has a soul and was thus born, not made.

Mach Caliber can autocast some of Subaru's spells such as "Wing Road", which was very difficult for Shari to engineer. Mach Caliber is also in sync with Revolver Knuckle, Subaru's Armed Device, allowing it to be stored in Mach Caliber when both are inactive, as well as limited interaction between the two Devices. During episode 19 of StrikerS, she is reinforced to be able to keep up with Subaru's Combat Cyborg abilities, increasing her mana consumption by factor 1.4x and her weight, by 2.5x.

By the time of Force, Mach Caliber is extensively optimized and upgraded for Subaru by Shari, who henceforth renames her to Mach Caliber AX, similar to Raising Heart Exelion and Bardiche Assault. The changes have been described as a conversion from a truck to a sports car. Despite extensive external modifications, Mach Caliber's AI has been left untouched.[1]


Form Description Appearances
Mach Caliber (マッハキャリバー)
Standby Mode
Mach Caliber's standy mode is a blue crystal necklace. StrikerS (ep.4) — Force
Active Mode
Her default form is a pair of rollerblades. StrikerS (ep.5) — Force
Gear Second
Without difference in appearance, this form increases the speed of Mach Caliber's movement. StrikerS (ep.15) — Force
Gear Exelion
Mach Caliber's Full Drive, which Mach Caliber has wings resembling Nanoha's Flier Fin. Those wings enhance Subaru's speed but do not grant her flight ability. Subaru uses this form, followed by a "Divine Buster A.C.S" blast to knock out her sister Ginga and free her from the control of Jail Scaglietti.[2] StrikerS (ep.23) — Force
Mach Caliber AX (マッハキャリバーAX)
Standby Mode
Identical in appearance to Mach Caliber's original Standby Mode. Force (ch.4) — present
Active Mode
In addition to further strengthening the frame to withstand harsh conditions faced by the Subaru's rescue unit, Mach Caliber AX has also been optimized for situations where magical linking between master and Device is impossible. She is visually sleeker than before, e.g. sporting thinner wheels.[1] Force (ch.9) — present


Upgrade Description Appearances
Accelerate Charge System
Allows rapid acceleration while in Gear Exelion. StrikerS (ep.23) — present
Absorb Grip
A moving function (走行機能) of Mach Caliber, which is strong enough to enable Subaru to traverse even completely vertical surfaces, such as walls.[3] This also maximizes the usage of Wing Road. StrikerS (ep.5) — present



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