Magic (魔法 mahō) is the conversion of mana into the form appropriate for a given useful magical effect to be produced. As such, it is closer to science and technology than to mysticism.


Magic is the application of methods for converting mana into useful forms. The properties of mana tend to differ between its producers (e.g. most people have unique "magic colors", which determine their mana's default tint when they release it). Mages naturally acquire mana through their Linker Cores, a specialized organ that continuously collects mana that is dispersed in the atmosphere and stores it inside their body.[1] Such replenishment is normally slow, but mages can replenish mana much faster by converting nutrients into it. To remain healthy, they require a balanced diet of sugars, carbohydrates, and proteins, as well as a variety of vitamins and minerals, therefore mages undergoing intense training during their early growth period usually eat a lot more than an ordinary person.[2] In addition to regular mana replenishment, it can also be conserved in form of Cards or cartridges for later use, especially for combat.

The terms "mage" and "knight" are used to refer to individuals who have undergone training in and mastered magic. Before mana can be used for a particular purpose, the mage uses their Linker Core to shape it into an appropriate form. The process of shaping mana is known as "linking" and efficient linking requires complex energy calculations. To expedite these calculations, predefined magical "programs" known as "spells" are created to achieve common magical effects. These programs are computed within the caster's brain, and their computation can be assisted by their Device (which can also serve as a storage medium for spells). The visual manifestation of these calculations appears in the form of a magic circle. When the calculations are complete, a trigger is usually required to launch the spell and to initiate the release of magical energy. Once the linking process is finished, the bonds of magic typically keep the energy together, unless the spell is dispelled or forcibly broken due to some form of interference. An Anti Magilink Field (AMF) is able to prevent magical energy from being linked, precluding the formation of magical bonds, while an EC Divider is capable of breaking already existing bonds of magic, forcibly dispelling any spell. 

Apart from the regular magical linking, some mages display the Mana Conversion Affinity, i.e. the ability to spontaneously convert their generated mana into another form of energy (electricity, heat), bypassing the calculations that mages without MCA require to achieve the same effects, while others learn to channel atmospheric mana directly into certain spells of the Breaker sub-type, bypassing their Linker Core and its capacity limits completely.