Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Anime series
DirectorAkiyuki Shinbo
WriterMasaki Tsuzuki
StudioSeven Arcs
NetworkGifu Broadcasting System, TVS, Mie TV, TVO, CTC, TVK
Original runOctober 1, 2004 – December 24, 2004
Episodes13 (episode list)
Chronology0065 (first half)
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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (魔法少女リリカルなのは Mahō Shōjo Ririkaru Nanoha) is a thirteen-episode anime that aired between October 1 and December 24, 2004, and is the first series in the main Nanoha continuity.

The series is a spin-off of the Triangle Heart series of games and OVAs, particularly of its third installment. Nanoha, the magical girl and younger sister of Kyouya and Miyuki, takes the lead role here while her sword-wielding siblings are reduced to minor characters. The late Shirō Takamachi (born Shirō Fuwa) survives his originally fatal injury, new characters like Fate Testarossa are introduced, while others, such as Fiasse Crystela, are removed.

A direct light novel adaptation of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha was published in 2005, shortly before the sequel series, Nanoha A's, went on air. Another retelling was released in Winter 2009 as a theatrical movie titled Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st. It has been stressed that the movie did not necessarily overwrite the series as canon, but told a new parallel history.


Nanoha Takamachi, a girl in 3rd grade at an elementary school, lives with her parents, who run a coffee shop, and her older sister and brother, who attend high school and university, respectively. Nanoha's regular life changes when she hears a voice calling to her on the way home and ends up rescuing an injured ferret. This ferret turns out to be a transformed boy named Yuuno, an archaeologist from a distant world, who enlists her aid to seal twenty one powerful artifacts called the Jewel Seeds. They come from his home world and have the power to grant wishes but are incredibly destructive when misused. To do this, Nanoha receives a crystal called Raising Heart that grants her magical powers.

As the story progresses, Nanoha learns more about her own powers as well as the other parties who hold an interest in taking the Jewel Seeds for their own.

The story is set in the first half of 0065, according to the Mid-Childan calendar.


#TitleAir date
01"Is This a Mysterious Encounter?" (それは不思議な出会いなの? Sore wa fushigi na deai nano?)1 October 2004
Nanoha was just an ordinary third grader with no special skills when she heard a call for help. Then Nanoha comes to Yuuno's rescue, and in doing so was given Raising Heart and awakened the power that had laid dormant inside of her.
02"'Lyrical' is the Magic Word?" (魔法の呪文はリリカルなの? Mahō no jumon wa ririkaru nano?)8 October 2004
Nanoha defeats her first monster, showing incredible talent, and joins Yuuno on his quest to find the magical Jewel Seeds.
03"The Town is in Great Danger?" (街は危険がいっぱいなの? Machi wa kiken ga ippai nano?)15 October 2004
A Jewel Seed mutates into a giant tree, but Nanoha locates and seals it.
04"A Rival!? Another Magical Girl!" (ライバル!?もうひとりの魔法少女なの! Raibaru!? Mō hitori no mahō shōjo nano!)22 October 2004
Nanoha meets Fate, a rival for the Jewel Seeds, and is defeated.
05"Here at Uminari Onsen, It's Like a Hot Water Town!" (ここは湯のまち、海鳴温泉なの Koko wa yu no machi, Uminari onsen nano)29 October 2004
Fate and her familiar Arf challenge Nanoha at a hot spring.
06"Indecipherable Feelings?" (わかりあえない気持ちなの? Wakari aenai kimochi nano?)5 November 2004
Arisa suspects that Nanoha is hiding something and becomes angry with her. Nanoha faces Fate again, in an attempt to convey her feelings to her.
07"The Third Mage?" (三人目の魔法使いなの? Sannin me no mahō tsukai nano?)12 November 2004
Precia Testarossa, Fate's mother and the real villain, is revealed, and she is seeking the Jewel Seeds to go to Al-Hazard. Nanoha and Fate fight again, but the two are interrupted by Chrono Harlaown, a mage from the Time-Space Administration Bureau.
08"This is a Huge Crisis?" (それは大いなる危機なの? Sore wa ōi naru kiki nano?)19 November 2004
After Fate escapes, Nanoha joins with the Time-Space Administration Bureau. Yuuno reveals his human form to Nanoha.
09"Climactic Battle Over the Sea!" (決戦は海の上でなの Kessen wa umi no ue de nano)26 November 2004
When Fate tries to use a dangerous method of gathering the six Jewel Seeds in the ocean, the TSAB plans to ambush her once she is finished and weakenened, but Nanoha intervenes to help Fate overcome the process.
10"All the Individual Heartfelt Vows!" (それぞれの胸の誓いなの Sorezore no mune no chikai nano)3 December 2004
Arf attacks Precia in anger over how she treats Fate, and is defeated and thrown out. She transports to Earth and joins Nanoha. Nanoha visits her friends and family, to sort everything out, and decides to have one final battle with Fate.
11"Memories That Lie Beyond Time!" (思い出は時の彼方なの Omoide wa toki no kanata nano)10 December 2004
Nanoha and Fate battle for all the Jewel Seeds, Nanoha is the victor, but Precia steals Fate's Jewel Seeds back, and reveals to Fate that she is a clone of her dead daughter Alicia.
12"When Our Fate Is Sealed!" (宿命が閉じるときなの Shukumei ga tojiru toki nano)17 December 2004
In the final battle, the TSAB march on the Garden of Time. Fate joins the battle to help Nanoha.
13"Say My Name" (なまえをよんで Namae o yonde)24 December 2004
Precia falls into the imaginary space after her attempt to reach Al-Hazard fails, and the heroes evacuate the Garden of Time before it is destroyed. Fate stays with the TSAB to be tried for her crimes, although she is expected to be given leniency considering the circumstances. Nanoha and Yuuno say their farewells to the TSAB and they both head home. Fate meets with Nanoha, and the two officially become friends.


"Innocent Starter" by Nana Mizuki
"Little Wish (Lyrical Step)" by Yukari Tamura
"Take a Shot" by Nana Mizuki (played on Fate's appearance in the Garden of Time to help Nanoha)

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Nanoha Sound Stage 012.526 November 2004
Nanoha Sound Stage 025.513 January 2005
Set two years before the main series, this Sound Stage describes Fate's life before coming to Earth. Presea's familiar Rinis successfully tutors her and creates Bardiche. She also helps Fate with creating her own familiar, Arf. When Fate's training is complete, Rinis dissipates and Presea sends Fate after the Jewel Seeds.
Nanoha Sound Stage 03146 April 2005

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