Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable:
The Gears of Destiny
Gears of Destiny
Video game
DeveloperWitch Craft
WriterMasaki Tsuzuki
Genre3D fighting
PlatformsPlayStation Portable
ReleasedDecember 22, 2011
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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable: The Gears of Destiny (魔法少女リリカルなのはA's PORTABLE -THE GEARS OF DESTINY-) is the sequel to Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable: The Battle of Aces. It was released on December 22, 2011.


Game play is largely similar to the one in the Battle of Aces. Each character gets an HP and Mana bar and the battle ends either when the time runs out or one of character's HP reaches zero. The mana is of course used for magical attacks and if a Mage runs out of mana he can not use the ranged attacks until it recharges. The mana bar can also be recharged by using melee attacks. Unlike in the previous game, where dodging was a separate resource, dodging in this game also consumes mana and a character out of mana can not dodge and can only move normally.

The battles are fought at two "ranges" in air: long range and cross range. Depending on range the selection of abilities that characters can use and the mechanics of combat change.

While the ranged part of the battle is done in air, the characters can only move on a 2D plane. In this mode each character gets three ranged attacks of which most often one is a quick but weak (▢ button), one is strong but longer charging (△ button) and the third is often some kind of binding attack (◯ button) that will stun/bind the enemy if it connects. Most of the attacks also have a charged variant which is used by holding down the relevant button which are often stronger but longer charging variant of the normal attacks.

Cross-range range combat is conducted in a side scrolling fashion where characters can only move left and right. Cross-range combat is automatically started whenever characters get closer than 5m of each other and ends whenever the range between is longer than 9m. Due to low range the vast majority of cross-range attacks are melee attacks.

Like in ranged mode different buttons get different type of attacks. ▢ is usually a normal attack, △ puts up a barrier guard and ◯ is a grab attack. The triangle guard is struck by enemy attack will initiate a counter attack which will negate enemy attack, deal damage on enemy and throw them away into ranged mode. The grab attack is a counter for the enemy hiding behind the barrier guard or a shield but is also really short ranged and slow and as such makes the character attempting it vulnerable to normal attacks.

Unlike the ranged mode where attacks are single button affairs, all characters also have combo attacks initiated by rapidly pressing a combination of buttons. The most common is the charge attack which allows a character to close the range and hit the enemy from beyond their normal range and is initiated by double tapping △.

Regardless of range the characters can always dodge (X button), if enough mana is available. Dodging is pretty much necessary to avoid guided and strong beam attacks like Divine Buster so being out of mana puts a character at a serious disadvantage. The fact that mana can not be regenerated at range using attacks coupled with the fact that dodging is disabled while out of mana is supposed to force even range focused characters like Nanoha into cross range (melee). Each character can also always use a shield (R button) to block any enemy attack but blocking enemy attacks consumes mana and if mana runs out while she shield is deployed the character will be stunned and left completely open to attack.

Finally each character can enter Full Drive mode (L button) twice (once in story mode) per battle for a limited amount of time. During Full Drive mode attacks are stronger or even have slightly different variants (example Nanoha's Divine Buster in FD mode becomes Hyperion Smasher) and also the character gets unlimited mana. Another usefull feature of entering Full Drive is the fact that it allows the character to get out of any bind, stun or juggle (when the character is thrown unto air by attack) status effect. It will also throw away the enemy if he is next to the character.

The Full Drive mode ends either after it's time runs out or after the character successfully performs their Full Drive Burst ultimate attack. FDB attacks can only be initiated from melee (L button) with attacks that are rather slow and as such rather easy to avoid. The exception to this rule are Yuuno Scrya and Presea Testarossa's who can initiate them from any range. Once the attack connects a cut scene specific to the FDB is played with the character saying the aria and doing the attack. The aria is always the same except during specific story mode battles where a story relevant aria is used.


Different rare costumes can be unlocked by earning "lyrical points" and inheriting save data of The Battle of Aces:

  • Lounge wear
  • Swimming suit
  • Namco collaboration costume

The following are available only by entering (merchandise) product codes with authentication:


The story of The Gears of Destiny starts around 3 months (March 0066) after the "Dark Fragments Incident" in The Battle of Aces.

01"The Gears Traveled Through Time-Space and the Dark Materials" (時空を超えた少女(ギアース)たちと闇の構築体(マテリアル) Jikū wo Koeta Giāzu tachi to Yami no Materiaru)
Amitie Florian has traveled from Eltria to Earth after her sister Kyrie Florian, aiming to take her home. After being paralysed by Kyrie, Amitie encounters Yuuno Scrya/Alph. On another hand, Kyrie initiates a fight against Hayate Yagami/Reinforce and mistakes Hayate as Lord Dearche due to their similarity. It is revealed that Kyrie is actually here to look for Dearche and System U-D. Around the same time, Dearche "revives" from her destruction three months ago, and Amitie arrives in time to interrupt and confront her. Dearche is later weakened due to the "revival" of Stern the Destructor and Levi the Slasher, and all three off them manage to escape along with Kyrie after a short discussion on System U-D. Amitie goes after them, and the Bureau team has to quickly follow up the incident without the Wolkenritter.
02"The "Darkness of the Book of Darkness" whose Shadow is Cast Again" (再び影を落とす「闇の書の闇」 Futatabi Kage wo Otosu "Yami no Sho no Yami")
Nanoha Takamachi and Yuuno Scrya chase after Amitie Florian and quickly catch up with her. After thinking they are local law enforcers who are trying to arrest her for being on the non-management world, Amitie escapes with Accelerator and disappears. Nanoha and Yuuno give chase but accidentally run into the Liese twins, Vivio Takamachi, Einhard Stratos and finally Stern the Destructor. The Liese twins fight them because they confuse them for their Dark Fragment knockoffs. Vivio and Einhard, who have been transported trough time due to the time travel by the Gears, figure out quickly that they have time traveled, but either in their initial confusion or in effort to break contact with Nanoha and Yuuno drop hints that they aren't from this time. They finally faces Stern, who wants to test her new powers of incineration and finally become herself and not merely Nanoha's copy. The Material notes that finding Unbreakable Dark is really important to them, but also promises they will not bother civilians.
03"The Residue of Memories Prodded by the Darkness" (闇が呼び起こす記憶の残滓(ざんし) Yami ga Yobiokosu Kioku no Zanshi)
This sequence follows Fate Testarossa and Alph as they try to track down Kyrie Florian. Fate catches up with Kyrie, who at first feigns ignorance of anything and later escapes by tricking Fate. Meanwhile Alph runs into Amitie Florian, who spends the majority of the time praising how wonderful dog she is but escapes in the end. Later they encounter the Dark Fragment of their teacher Rynith, followed by that of Fate's mother Presea Testarossa. If Fate is chosen for the Presea fight Fate is saddened that she had to fight her mother but then ends up fighting and bonding with her Material double Levi the Slasher. If Alph is the one to fight Presea, Fate also fight her version too but is openly distraught which angers Alph at whoever caused the Dark Fragments to happen. In this case Alph gets to encounter Levi but instead of bonding she blames her for the DFs and completely terrifies Levi. Later Fate appears to console Levi and in the epilogue what the Unbreakable Dark is is revealed.
04"The Real "Darkness" that was Contained within the "Book of Darkness"" (「闇の書」が内包していた本当の「闇」 "Yami no Sho" ga Naihō shiteita Hontō no "Yami")
This sequence follows Hayate Yagami and Reinforce as they are trying to track down the Materials. It opens to Thoma Avenir and Lily-Strosek arriving in the "present" time and encountering the player character, and after getting defeated fleeing. They also encounter the Liese twins, who still hold a grudge about the events surrounding the Book of Darkness, before finally finding Dearche. After Dearche is defeated, she and Kyrie Florian succeed in wakening the Unbreakable Dark (aka. U-D) and whoever fought Dearche gets to try taking on U-D. Whether the player wins or loses, U-D goes out of control and flies off after slaying the Materials. Kyrie then goes after her.
05"The Guardian Knights of the Night Sky and "Dark Fragments"" (夜天の守護騎士たちと「闇の欠片」 Yaten no Shugo Kishi tachi to "Yami no Kakera")
Wolkenritter have set out to deal with the Dark Fragment (DF) crysis and to capture the Florian sisters. They split up to cover more ground and along the way run into Dark Fragments. Signum deals with Dark Fragments of Thoma Avenir, Presea Testarossa and Levi the Slasher. Vita runs into Einhard Stratos' Dark Fragment and then fights the real Liese twins and Alph. Shamal has to contend with the Dark Fragments of Yuuno Scrya and Vivio Takamachi before confronting the real Kyrie Florian. Zafira meanwhile confronts the Dark Fragments of Stern, Rynith and Dearche. After this all the Wolkenritter feel a Spatial Tremmor and move to investigate. At the epicenter is U-D and Amitie Florian who is there to prevent her sister from getting the Examia. Despite Amitie's protests Kyrie still attacks U-D, but her efforts are futile no matter weather she wins or looses. Before U-D can kill Kyrie, Amitie steps in, blocking U-D's blow with her own body and sets off a titanic explosion with her Variant Zapper's Overblast. Kyrie escapes, Amita is badly hurt, but U-D is completely unharmed. The explosion is witnessed by the Wolkenritter, hence Chrono Harlaown calls them to meet him on board Arthra.
06"In Order to Break the "Unbreakable Dark"" (「砕け得ぬ闇」を撃ち砕くために "Kudake'enu Yami" wo Uchikudaku Tame ni)
Chrono Harlaown is gathering Mages, Knights, Materials and Gears to figure out how to deal with the U-D. He establishes contact with Material-L, who has recovered, and through her to the Materials. Stern, while recovering with Dearche, discovers that Materials and U-D used to be part of the Tome of the Purple Sky. Kyrie Florian is captured by the Liese and she and Amitie Florian explain their background. Stern develops a Anti-U-D program and they choose who will be part of the attack team that will attack U-D.

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See Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable: The Gears of Destiny: Material Girls. for details.

Sound StagesEdit

  • Sound Stage M (Megami Magazine) "From the sky in Eltria": Story about Nanoha and Fate of the movie continuity dimension-travelling to Eltria.
  • Sound Stage A (Animedia Magazine) "Under the night sky of Midchilda": Story about Materials time-travelling to 0080's Midchilda, being four years after StrikerS, where they meet Nanoha and others again.


As the story of the game is related to time and space, characters from other series at different time-points are also playable. Known playable characters include:

Unplayable characters:

  • Unison Hayate Yagami
  • Amitie Florian (With Kyrie Florian's Variant Zapper)
  • "Load" Dearche Trinity Form
  • Unbreakable Dark (With Examia's power)


Most of the additional settings introduced in The Gears of Destiny, especially those related to Eltria and the Florian sisters, are considered to be based off and crediting to Wild Arms ("WA") game series, as the game's producer Akifumi Kaneko is also the producer/game designer of WA series. Below is a list of certain references between the two games:

In The Gears of Destiny In Wild Arms series
Eltria (slowly destroying world) Fargaia
Formula Eltria Arnaud Vasquez's Formula magic system
Lock On Clive Winslett's Lock On
Accelerator Accelerator
Vulcan Raid Jude Maverick's Gatling Raid (gun attack)
Finest Cannon Dean Stark's Finest Arts (twin gun attack)
Hyperion Smasher Fairylights' Hyperion Blaster

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