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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's THE COMICS
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's THE COMICS
Manga series
AuthorMasaki Tsuzuki
IllustratorKōji Hasegawa
Original runJuly 31, 2005 – January 13, 2006
Chapters6+2 (chapter list)
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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's THE COMICS (魔法少女リリカルなのはA's THE COMICS) is a one-volume supplemental comic book for the namesake anime series, serving as part of the main Nanoha continuity, primarily published from July 31, 2005 to January 13, 2006. The series covers the stories between Nanoha and A's, side stories of A's and its epilogue.


The chapters of A's THE COMICS are called "Reports" and Roman numerals are used for their numbering. Thus, chapter 1, for instance, was published as "Report I". Only six chapters (Report I through VI) were originally published in Megami Magazine. The prologue (which chronologically falls mostly between chapters 3 and 4) and the epilogue were published separately in Comic Chirality. All eight chapters were later published together in a single bound volume on February 18, 2006.

01"A Day of Nanoha Takamachi" (高町なのはのある1日 Takamachi Nanoha no Aru Ichinichi)31 July 2005
The chapter opens with Yuuno's report on Nanoha's life between Nanoha and A's to Chrono and Amy. Nanoha has thrown herself into training under Yuuno's supervision, which includes both outdoors practice and imaginary training grounds inside her head (erected with Raising Heart's help). Yuuno is worried that such rigorous training would normally prove self-destructive but Nanoha's enormous mana reserves seem to handle it just fine. Moreover, she is able to combine her secret training with the normal life of a grade schooler, even though it leaves her exhausted every day. Aboard Arthra, Chrono expresses concern for Nanoha's health. Back on Earth, Nanoha decides to try out a new variation of Starlight Breaker and asks Yuuno to erect a barrier to contain it. Lindy and the others watch from space, as the new spell completely obliterates Yuuno's barrier from inside. The backlash of the spell confines Nanoha to bed for one and a half days but her Starlight Breaker gains the "Total Seal Break" property and additional power.
02"Fate Testarossa Takes Examination" (フェイト・テスタロッサ 試験を受ける Feito Tesutarossa Shiken wo Ukeru)August 2005
At some point between Nanoha and A's, Fate takes her Contract Mage examination on Lindy's recommendation. Her main examiner is Admiral Leti Lowran, who browses through Fate's excellent academic record while she and Arf prepare for the first test, ritual weather control. Fate passes her first exam flawlessly and after an hour break takes the second one, in one-on-one combat. Her examiner in it is Chrono and Fate resolves to win against him. After a quick exchange of ranged attacks, Fate manages to get behind Chrono but before she can attack, she is captured by his Bind-type spell and loses. Fate believes she has failed the exam, but Chrono explains that she wasn't expected to win, just to perform to the best of her abilities. Thus, she enters the third and final stage of the exam, a team battle with Arf, which she completes perfectly, earning the title of an AAA-ranked Contract Mage.
03"Thoughts of the Book of Darkness, Hayate Yagami, and the Knights" (闇の書、八神はやてと騎士たちを想う Yami no Sho, Yagami Hayate to Kishitachi wo Omou)September 2005
This chapter is narrated by Reinforce (as the Book of Darkness) and takes place on September 19, 0065, before the Wolkenritter started gathering Linker Cores. The Book starts by introducing herself and Hayate Yagami, her new master who refused to fill up her pages. She follows Hayate as she prepares dinner when Signum and Shamal come home, soon joined by Vita and Zafira, too. The Book introduces the Guardian Knights and says that they seem to enjoy their new life, so unlike the ones they lived before. Vita takes the wheelchair-bound Hayate for a walk outside. Back home, Signum and Shamal discuss the possibility of gathering 400 pages for Hayate to become their true master but realize that she would never give them such orders. Outside, Hayate tells Vita that her only wish is to live with her Knights together without fighting and to always remain their master. The Book foreshadows the coming events of A's and wonders whether her master and the Knights will curse her for this. She wonders how Hayate will be killed as a result and by whom, as a few shots of Nanoha, Fate, and their friends are shown. She feels helpless to prevent this and prays for these quiet days to go on for a little longer.
3.5"The Prologue of ACES"29 August 2005
The first four pages of the chapter are a recap of the first Nanoha season. The rest of the chapter takes place on November 15, 0065, about two weeks before the beginning of A's (i.e. between chapters 03 and 04 of the manga). Aboard Arthra, Yuuno, Chrono, and Fate discuss the latter's release. Chrono mentions that she passed the mage's exam (shown in chapter 02), and Fate thanks them both for their help. The same day, Nanoha, Alisa, and Suzuka receive a video message from Fate. Arisa wonders what country Fate is from and Suzuka guesses Italy because "Testarossa" is Italian. In the end, Fate tells them that she will come to visit soon, and Nanoha starts crying with joy. Meanwhile, at the TSAB HQ, Leti Lowran receives a report of an attack on the Bureau mages and forwards it to Mariel Atenza. At the site of the attack, an unnamed mage is easily defeated by Signum. As a last ditch effort, he summons a dragon but Signum kills it with ease and takes his Linker Core. She then contacts Vita and Zafira but they are busy, and so is Shamal, so Signum returns to her search. The chapter ends with brief shots of the Book of Darkness and Hayate Yagami.
04"School Days of Arisa Bunnings" (アリサ・バニングスのスクールデイズ Arisa Baningusu no Sukūrudeizu)October 2005
Soon after Fate transfers to Nanoha's school (after episode 03 of A's), Arisa finds herself drawn to her and is slightly embarrassed about it. She, Fate, Nanoha, and Suzuka discuss their homework and grades during lunchtime. Arisa is revealed to be top of their class in both maths and languages, but Nanoha and Fate are tied with her in the former (and are both abysmal in the latter). Fate comments that math on Earth is the same as the one taught to her by Rinis on Mid-Childa, which forms the backbone of all magic. In the afternoon PE class, they play dodgeball with Nanoha and Fate's team opposing Arisa and Suzuka's. Amy and Arf watch from the school's rooftop as Fate takes out Arisa. In response, Suzuka hits Nanoha with the ball and Fate races to catch it before it hits the ground. She makes an extraordinary (ostensibly non-magical) leap and returns the ball back at Suzuka from mid-air. To everyone's astonishment, however, Suzuka easily returns the ball again and takes Fate out, winning the game. Amy comments that she wouldn't expect any less from Nanoha's friends.
05"Hayate Yagami Thinks About Nowadays" (八神はやて、現在の日々を思う Yagami Hayate, Genzai no Hibi wo Omou)November 2005
This chapter presumably takes place between episodes 06 and 08 of A's and is narrated by Hayate. It opens with her at home alone with the Book of Darkness when Suzuka comes to visit her. The Wolkenritter have explained their daily absense with mundane activities (like Signum's kendo practice) but Hayate still feels saddened by it and the Book tries to cheer her up. Meanwhile, the Knights are actually hunting magical creatures on other worlds for their Linker Cores. While Hayate is still chatting with Suzuka, Shamal and Vita return but the Book leaves the house to meet Signum, who has collected six Cores (in addition to Vita's four and Shamal and Zafira's three) for her. Signum promises her to save Hayate and is contacted by Shamal, who comes to heal her wounds and take her home.
06"Hereafter of the Aces" (エースたちのそれから Ēsutachi no Sorekara)December 2005
The chapter takes place on January 4, 0066, a few days after the final episode of A's. The Book of Darkness Incident has been resolved within a month (December 0065), mainly thanks to the two aces, Nanoha and Fate, who are now relaxing at home and discussing the upcoming two night trip (described in A's Sound Stage 03). They talk about Hayate and her Knights and admit that they feel troubled by Reinforce's "death" at their hands. Hayate calls from the TSAB Headquarters and arranges to have lunch with them. The Knights are with her but cannot come along since they still have interviews and examinations with the Bureau. Nanoha and Fate come over to Hayate's apartment and help her make lunch. After they sit down for a cup of tea, Hayate reveals to blame herself for the entire incident. Nanoha and Fate comment on how responsible Hayate has become and Nanoha suggests that Hayate's personality may have melded with Reinforce's. Hayate bursts into tears and tries to stop herself but Nanoha and Fate hug her and tell her that it's OK to cry for a lost friend.
07"The Epilogue of ACES"13 January 2006
Five months after the Book of Darkness Incident, Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate officially become cadets of the Administrative Bureau, albeit in different departments. Fate has been adopted by Lindy and trains on Arthra to become an Enforcer; Hayate and her Knights have begun working for the Special Investigations Unit; and Nanoha aims to become a Combat Instructor. Amy and Mariel inform Hayate that "version 8" of her new Device, Schwertkreuz, is almost finished, and Nanoha, that Raising Heart's frame has been reinforced. Nanoha goes to pick her up and visits Yuuno, who just started working for the Infinity Library and is being pressured by Chrono to speed up the reorganization. Nanoha and Yuuno talk about their first meeting and all the events that resulted from it, when Signum calls him, asking to set up a barrier for her training match against Fate. Before long, a team battle between Midchildan mages (Chrono, Fate, Alph, Nanoha, and Yuuno) and Belkan knights (Hayate, Signum, Shamal, Zafira, and Vita) is organized. Lindy and Leti observe the battle and Leti wonders what kind of miracle allowed them to resolve the Book of Darkness Incident without any casualties. Meanwhile, in the training room, Nanoha and Fate prepare a combined attack, Blast Calamity, but Hayate counters it with her own. The resulting explosion decimates the training barrier, prematurely ending the battle in a draw.






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