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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
Anime series
DirectorKeizō Kusakawa
WriterMasaki Tsuzuki
StudioSeven Arcs
NetworkTeletama, Chiba TV, TV Kanagawa, Tokyo MX, Mie TV, KBS Kyoto, TV Wakayama
Original runApril 1, 2007 – September 23, 2007
Episodes26 (episode list)
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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS (魔法少女リリカルなのはStrikerS Mahō Shōjo Ririkaru Nanoha Sutoraikāzu) is a 26-episode anime that aired from April 1 to September 23, 2007. As the third entry in the main Nanoha continuity, it is the sequel to Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's and takes place 4 years after its epilogue, itself set 6 years after the conclusion of the series. The series introduced a new "generation" of characters and shifted its focus from individual rivalries between the main characters to team-based battles and a more wide-ranging conspiracy.


Many years have passed. Hayate Yagami, now a Lieutenant Colonel in the Time-Space Administration Bureau, works to create a new unit of elite mages that can react quickly to reports of Lost Logia. To this end she brings in her two closest friends, Nanoha Takamachi and Fate T. Harlaown, and her old subordinates the Wolkenritter to train a new generation. In addition to the challenge of turning the recruits into a capable fighting force, events are moving much faster than anyone could have anticipated and the threat that they are all working so hard to avert may in fact be just around the corner.


#TitleAir date
01"Wings Towards the Sky" (空への翼 Sora e no Tsubasa)1 April 2007
Subaru Nakajima and Teana Lanster are taking a test to increase their mage rank from C to B. During the test, Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, and Rein observe their progress. Near the end of the test, Teana injures her ankle, but they manage to complete the test in time with Subaru's help.
02"Riot Force 6" (機動六課 Kidō Rokka)8 April 2007
Subaru and Teana are informed that they have failed their promotion exam, but are given another chance by Nanoha and Reinforce to take the exam again in a week. In the meantime, they are told about the Riot Force 6, which is a special division about to be formed and led by Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate. Erio and Caro make an appearance and meet for the first time.
03"Gathering" (集結 Shūketsu)15 April 2007
Hayate's dream of this new unit has finally been realized and the training begins for the new recruits. New characters are introduced which gives insight into the new villain's plot involving the Lost Logia named Relic.
04"First Alert" (ファースト・アラート Fāsuto Arāto)22 April 2007
Subaru, Teana, Caro, and Erio are still enduring tough training with Nanoha, but soon their training will be complete. They are given new Devices or upgrades to their Devices, and the Limiters are explained to them. Afterwards, the Riot Force 6 must act on their first mission.
05"Stars and Lightning" (星と雷 Hoshi to Ikazuchi)29 April 2007
This episode marks the first mission of the new teams, as they battle several Gadget Drones to recover a Lost Logia. Subaru and the others get to test out their new and improved Devices. Part of Caro's past is revealed, as well as her true ability to summon dragons. Someone is monitoring them from a lab, gathering data mostly on Fate and Erio, who have a connection with "Project F".
06"Progress" (進展 Shinten)6 May 2007
Stars and Lightning undergo further training, intended to enchance their strengths and skills. Meanwhile, Hayate requests the aid of Major Genya Nakajima's 108th Ground Forces Battalion to assist Riot Force 6 in investigating smuggling routes. Fate and Shari discover that a Doctor Jail Scaglietti is implanting Jewel Seeds into the Type-3 gadgets.
07"Hotel Augusta" (ホテル·アグスタ Hoteru Agusuta)13 May 2007
The Riot Force 6 monitors and provides security for the Hotel Augusta, where works of art, including Lost Logia, are up for auction. Teams Stars and Lightning face Gadget Drones, and another summoner who has ties to Dr. Scaglietti. Feeling inadequate compared to the strength of many of the other Riot Force 6 members, Teana tries a dangerous tactic to prove her worth, and almost hits Subaru.
08"A Two Person Wish" (願い、ふたりで Negai, Futari de)20 May 2007
Following the averted friendly-fire incident at the Hotel Augusta, Teana throws herself into intensive training, and it is revealed that she is struggling to fulfill the dream her brother once had of becoming an Enforcer. Subaru joins her, and they devise a dangerous strategy for their next combat exercise with Nanoha. The strategy fails, and when Teana tries to attack Nanoha, Nanoha shoots her and knocks her unconscious.
09"An Important Experience" (たいせつなこと Taisetsu na Koto)27 May 2007
Teana wakes up in the infirmary many hours after being on the receiving end of Nanoha's attack. She and the other young recruits learn about Nanoha's past and how she almost died several years ago on a mission due to having overextended herself, causing Teana to understand Nanoha's training methods.
10"Riot Force 6's Day Off (Part 1)" (機動六課のある休日(前編) Kidō Rokka no aru Kyūjitsu (Zenpen))3 June 2007
Subaru, Teana, Caro, and Erio are on their vacation. Suddenly, Erio senses a magical presence, and follows it. To Erio and Caro's surprise, they see a girl coming out of the sewers with a Relic case chained to her leg.
11"Riot Force 6's Day Off (Part 2)" (機動六課のある休日(後編) Kidō Rokka no aru Kyūjitsu (Kōhen))10 June 2007
Nanoha, Fate, Shamal, Teana, and Subaru come to aid Caro and Erio. Erio, Caro, Teana, and Subaru go down the sewer to investigate. They meet up with Subaru's sister, Ginga, but things take a turn for the worse when Lutecia attacks in the sewers with the powerful insect Garyu.
12"Numbers" (ナンバーズ Nanbāzu)17 June 2007
Everyone is under attack, and Hayate comes to help. Lutecia and her companions come to get the Relic, while Numbers cyborgs Quattro and Dieci attack the helicopter with the girl. The Forwards manage to capture Lutecia, but Sein rescues her and retrieves the Relic case, only to later discover that the Forwards had already removed the contents.
13"Reason for Living" (命の理由 Inochi no Riyū)24 June 2007
It is explained how Agito joined Lutecia and the reason why Hayate created Riot Force 6 as a way of addressing a prophecy in the Saint Church.
14"Mothers & Children" (Mothers&Children)1 July 2007
Nanoha and Fate adopt Vivio, the girl with the Relic, as their child.
15"Sisters & Daughters" (Sisters&Daughters)8 July 2007
The episode explores the lives of the characters as they go about a normal day and their training. The episode also gives some insight into the Numbers.
16"That Day, Riot Force 6 (Part 1)" (その日、機動六課 (前編) Sono Hi, Kidō Rokka (Zenpen))15 July 2007
Riot Force 6 is on a mission to protect the TSAB Public Press Conference. The commanders, including Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, and Signum are inside without their Devices, which they entrust to the Forwards. Meanwhile, Jail Scaglietti and his Numbers, along with Lutecia and Zest, are working on their plan.
17"That Day, Riot Force 6 (Part 2)" (その日、機動六課 (後編) Sono Hi, Kidō Rokka (Kōhen))22 July 2007
Riot Force 6 is engaged battle with Scaglietti's group of terrorists. Vita fights against Zest and is defeated. Fate fights Tre and Sette, who cryptically hint at her connection to Scaglietti. Ginga is heavily wounded and captured by several of the Numbers, causing Subaru to go into a rage and severely injure Cinque. Simultaneously, the group led by Lutecia destroys Long Arch and captures Vivio.
18"Wings, Once Again" (翼、ふたたび Tsubasa, Futatabi)29 July 2007
After the attack on the Long Arch, Hayate decides to move all the units on to the Arthra. It is revealed that the Nakajima family had adopted Ginga and Subaru a long time ago since they were experimental Type Zero Cyborgs, the Numbers' predecessors. Although they still needed the maintenance treatment like the other cyborgs until now, they were still treated kindly as normal girls.
19"Cradle" (ゆりかご Yurikago)5 August 2007
After Subaru recovers from her injuries, she moves onto the plan for Mach Caliber to be powered-up in order to endure her cyborg power. At that time, Scaglietti and his comrades are working on the next step of their plan involving Vivio's power. It is also shown that Ginga has seemingly joined Scaglietti as number 13.
20"Unlimited Desire" (無限の欲望 Mugen no Yokubō)12 August 2007
Jail Scaglietti has awakened the Saint's Cradle, an Ancient Belkan weapon controlled by Vivio. The TSAB, with Riot Force 6, are going to stop it. There is also the first movement of Number 2, Due, as the spy inside the TSAB.
21"Decisive Battle" (決戦 Kessen)19 August 2007
From Yuuno's research, the Saint's Cradle is expected to be unstoppable if it reaches orbit and absorbs the power of two moons. Nanoha and Vita invade the Cradle, Hayate attempts to deal with the units outside, and Fate attacks Scaglietti's hideout. Signum and Rein go to battle Knight Zest and Agito, while the Forwards fight the cyborgs and Lutecia on the ground.
22"Pain to Pain" (Pain to Pain)26 August 2007
Nanoha is on her way to the throne room where Vivio and Quattro are supposed to be. Vita is struggling on her way to the machine room, fighting Gadget Drones. Fate engages Tre, Sette, and Scaglietti himself in battle in his HQ. Meanwhile, Teana is trapped on her own against the three of the Numbers. Subaru faces off against Ginga, who was re-programmed, while Caro and Erio are fighting against Garyu and Lutecia.
23"Stars Strike" (Stars Strike)2 September 2007
Nanoha reaches Vivio after easily defeating Dieci, but Quattro taunts the two, and Vivio activates a rainbow shield, which Quattro calls the Saint's Armor, an extremely powerful shield. Meanwhile, the barrier around the building where Teana is fighting is broken when Shamal and Zafira capture Otto, and Teana defeats the three Numbers with help from Vice Granscenic. Subaru struggles against her sister, and recalls her previous reluctance to fight, but resolves to save Ginga, and manages to defeat her.
24"Lightning" (雷光 Raikō)9 September 2007
This episode reveals that Subaru and Lutecia's mothers, Quint and Megane, were once under Zest's command, but died when he went against orders and attacked Scaglietti's hideout. Zest asks Regius Gaiz who was responsible, but Due kills him before he can answer, and Zest kills Due. Erio and Caro manage to overcome Lutecia and Garyu. Fate's resolve is initially undermined by Scaglietti's claim that she is using Erio and Caro for her own fulfillment, but she is encouraged by hearing from the two of them, and defeats him, Tre and Sette.
25"Final Limit" (ファイナル·リミット Fainaru Rimitto)16 September 2007
The final limiter of the dangerous Blaster System upgrade for Raising Heart is released, and Nanoha shoots through the Saint's Cradle, defeating Quattro. Vivio temporarily regains control of herself, and Nanoha manages to defeat her and cause her to regain her senses. While the Cradle has lost its operator and had its main power source destroyed, it still continues to rise with Nanoha, Vita, Hayate, and Vivio inside, prompting the people on the ground to rescue them.
26"To the Promised Sky" (約束の空へ Yakusoku no Sora e)23 September 2007
Subaru and Teana help evacuate Nanoha and the others from the Cradle, and the fleet under Chrono's command destroys the ship. Scaglietti and some of the older Numbers are incarcerated, while the rest are sent to a rehabilitation facility run by Ginga. Riot Force 6, its purpose completed, disbands, and its members move on to various occupations.


"Secret Ambition" by Nana Mizuki (episodes 1-17)
"Massive Wonders" by Nana Mizuki (episodes 18-26)
"Hoshizora no Spica" by Yukari Tamura (episodes 1-14)
"Beautiful Amulet" by Yukari Tamura (episodes 15-26)
"Sora Iro no Yakusoku" by Saitou Chiwa (played in episode 8)
"Pray" by Nana Mizuki (played when Fate activates Sonic Drive)

Sound Stages[]

StrikerS Sound Stage M The StrikerS1 May 2007
Riot Force 6 on Business Trip!! ~Urgent Search Mission in Uminari City~6.523 May 2007
The Forwards are on a mission to collect a Lost Logia sighted on a planet familiar to Nanoha: Earth.
Riot Force 6, Family Portraits14.518 July 2007
A peek into family scenes in Harlaown and Takamachi families. The Forwards take to the skies to engage some Gadget Drones and bond. Lindy and Arf help resolve some problems between Fate and her Forwards. The Yagamis visit the Saint Church for a checkup and reminiscing about the old times.
Wind of the Azure Sky, Flame of the Twilight18.53 October 2007
The Riot Force 6 is transferring to the Arthra following the Numbers' attack on the Long Arch and are resting, recovering and preparing for the next challenge. Meanwhile Lutecia, Zest and Agito discuss Agito's past and her potential past Lord that she can no longer remember. Numbers, too, are recuperating and discuss their recent successes and failures and their backgrounds. Yuuno is helping RF6 by deciphering Carim's prophecy and cheering up Nanoha. Meanwhile, at the Yagami residence, Rein starts having dreams that bring up memories of Reinforce's involvement in the old Belkan wars and her hope for a better future.
Blue Sky2712 December 2007
Account of the final days of Riot Force 6 and thoughts on the future of both the officers and the young Forwards and their former opponents, the Numbers.
StrikerS Sound Stage M31 September 2008
StrikerS Sound Stage X29 October 2008
Three years after the JS Incident, Midchilda is struck by a spree of mysterious killings associated with yet another piece of dangerous Ancient Belkan legacy. The former Forwards of Riot Force 6 and the reformed Numbers join forces once again to stop this new threat, the Mariage, and its mysterious creator, the Dark King Ixpellia.
Holiday Scenery of the Yagamis1 September 2009

Supplemental materials[]


Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS THE COMICS is a two-volume comic series that includes side stories and additional materials for this anime series.

DVD Booklets[]

StrikerS Volume 1 DVD cover

The booklets shipped with the DVD release contained character, world, and Device designs, as well as the Magic Dictionary.

List of contents coming soon...


TSAB ID Cards are a set of special gift cards containing additional information and setting of the main characters who work for the Time-Space Administrative Bureau in StrikerS.

DVD Criminal Registration Cards[]

Criminal Registration Cards are a set of special gift cards containing additional information and setting of the villainous characters involved in the JS Incident in StrikerS.

Character & Story Book[]

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Character & Story Book. Description coming soon...


Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Chronicle cover

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Chronicle is an official companion book to the series, containing additional information on the characters and setting of the series.

Official Fan Book[]

StrikerS Official Fan Book cover

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Official Fan Book. Description coming soon...

Setting Info Collection[]

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Setting Info Collection (設定資料集). Description coming soon...

Draft Illustration Collection[]

Masaki Tsuzuki Draft Illustration Collection (原案畫集). Description coming soon...





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