An advancing Mariage, with more in the background
Character profile
Date of death0078
FamilyIxpellia (progenitor)
SystemAncient Belka
Japanese nameマリアージュ
First app.Sound Stage X (disc 1)
Last app.Sound Stage X (disc 2)
Voiced byAyako Kawasumi

The Mariage (マリアージュ Mariāju) are the primary antagonists in Sound Stage X. They appear as a group of nearly identical masked women, each about 175 cm tall, who are responsible for a series of murders on Faurus, Vaizen, and Mid-Childa in 0078.


"Mariage" is supposed to be an Ancient Belkan word for "puppet".[1] However, there is no such word in modern German (which is otherwise identical with Belkan). The closest-sounding German word, "Marionette", is of French origin and means "string controlled puppet".


It is revealed in SSX that Mariage are artificial beings devoid of personality created from control cores produced by Dark King Ixpellia's body. During the Warring Ages, they were used by Galea to combat the Sankt Kaiser's troops, however, Ixpellia was then probably robbed of her power source and fell into hibernation, only rediscovered by certain Toredia Graze in modern times. After Toredia's death, his accomplice Runessa Magnus took over the Mariage production, spawning some 18 of them and causing the Mariage Incident of 0078. All Mariage created up to that date are presumably destroyed in the end of Sound Stage X.


The Mariage, as stated by Lutecia Alpine, are creations on the same level as that of the Saint's Cradle. While individually infinitely weaker than the Belkan starship, an ever-growing army of Mariage is a force capable of wiping out entire worlds, just the same.

A Mariage primarily fights by transforming its arms into long sharp blades, although a leader-type can additionally transform its arm into a live ammo cannon.[2] Upon defeat (and to avoid being taken captive), a Mariage's body can liquefy into black oily substance, which explodes soon thereafter with a large incendiary potential. Additionally, the Mariage seem to possess some kind of remote mind or muscle control.

Mariage's first murders took place on the worlds of Faurus and Vaizen, before moving to the Mid. Considering that they are unlikely to be using modern civilian or military means of dimensional travel, they must possess some capacity for it on their own.


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