Mass weapons (質量兵器 Shitsuryō heiki, also translated as "mass-based weapons") is a vaguely defined class of weapons in the Nanoha universe that can be best summarized as "all weapons that are not magical". It seems to include all weaponry known to Earth, from firearms, through chemical explosives, to nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Since the indiscriminate use of mass weapons by the Ancient Belkans led to immense loss of life and environmental damage, they carry a large stigma in modern magic-oriented worlds. The Time-Space Administration Bureau has banned the use of mass weapons or particularly weapons of mass destruction, and enforces mass weapon disarmament in its administrated worlds (although, as Earth's example shows, they do not extend this agenda to non-administrated dimensions).[1]

The alternative to mass weapons are magical weapons, such as Devices and spells. These weapons are "relatively clean and safe",[1] in the sense that they take a lesser toll on the environment and can be much less lethal compared to mass weapons of equivalent power.



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