Dearche in Reflection
Dearche in Reflection
Character profile
Other namesThe Core of the Book of Darkness (portable)
Darkness of the Book of Darkness (portable)
Material-D (portable)
King Ruler over Darkness (portable)
Lord Dearche (GoD)
King Ruler over Darkness Throned in the Black Sky (GoD)
Soul of King (movie)
SpeciesMaterial (portable)
Familiar (movie)
FamilyPurple Sky family (siblings)
AffiliationSystem U-D
ColorWhite (BoA)
Black (GoD)
SystemAncient Belka (portable)
Formula-emulated Ancient Belka (movie)
Tome of the Purple Sky (portable)
Grimoire (movie)
Blast Claw (movie)
Japanese name闇統べる王(ロード・ディアーチェ)
(Rōdo Diāche)
First app.Battle of Aces
Voiced byKana Ueda
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Material-D (マテリアルD Materiaru Dī) is first introduced as one of the chief antagonists in The Battle of Aces, along with Material-S and Material-L.

Name and origins[edit | edit source]

In the portable continuity, Material-D is the Material in charge of "king" ( ō),[1] part of the System U-D materialized as a clone of Hayate Yagami during the Dark Fragment Incident. She is first introduced in The Battle of Aces in English Material-D and in Japanese "King Ruler over Darkness" (闇統べる王 Yami Suberu Ō, lit. Darkness-ruling King). She refers to herself as the mother and origin of the Wolkenritter in the 3rd Stage of Zafira's Path in Battle of the Aces.

In the sequel The Gears of Destiny, it is revealed her full name/title is Lord Dearche (ロード・ディアーチェ[2] Rōdo Diāche, usually rubied as 闇統べる王(ロード・ディアーチェ)), which may be shortened as Dearche (ディアーチェ Diāche, usually rubied as 闇王(ディアーチェ)). Notably, this name was formerly officially translated in year 2011 as "Load" Dearche,[3][4] and was revised by the time of INNOCENT adaptation in year 2013. Besides, in the scenario, Dearche is also referred to by Kyrie Florian and her own self as the "King Ruler over Darkness Throned in the Black Sky" (黒天に座す闇統べる王[2] Kokuten ni Zasu Yami Suberu Ō), a further expanded version of her Japanese title above.

In the movie continuity, Her name is merely Dearche (ディアーチェ Diāche). She is also titled the "Soul of King" on an official Reflection peripheral product.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Material-D looks like her original, Hayate, except that her hair is grey instead of brown. Her pupils are always contracted, like the other two Materials.

Alternate continuities[edit | edit source]

Portable[edit | edit source]

Lord Dearche in The Gears of Destiny

Dearche appears in both Battle of Aces and Gears of Destiny. She is recognized as the Darkness of the Book of Darkness by Vita and claims to be the core of the Book of Darkness and is referred to by the Dark Fragment of the Will of the Book of Darkness (which was serving as a core for the Dark Fragments that hadn't accumulated enough Data to revive the Material it composed) in Reinforce's route to be the Core Unit of the Defense System.

Unlike Hayate, Dearche is very vain, arrogant, brash and hot-headed, addressing herself with majestic plural and viewing others as servants. During Battle of Aces she acts calm and confident only to lose her composure whenever the battles starts to go wrong and during Reinforce's route she loses composure before the fight by loudly declaring that she will devour both Reinforce and Hayate. Her defeats leave her in an angered state concerning the Yagami Family during Gears of Destiny.

Movie[edit | edit source]

Dearche appears in Reflection and Detonation.

She is the materialised state of the Soul of King (王の魂 Ō no Tamashī) awakened by the Tome of the Night Sky's pages, with reference to Hayate's appearance and magic talents,[5] in 0067 instead. She leads her two vassels, Stern and Levi, to fight for her own purpose. As described on an official Reflection peripheral product, she "has been revived to regain the lost power". In Detonation, it's revealed that Stern, Levi and Dearche were originally cats who lived with Yuri and Iris. During Yuri face against Phil Maxwell in 40 years ago, along with Levi and Dearche was bite Phil's shoulder to save Yuri. After the bite, Yuri tells the cats to hide inside the Book of Darkness. Due to Yuri never releases the cats from the tome, the cats died inside the tome.

Brave Duel[edit | edit source]

Dearche Kings Claudia (ディアーチェ・(キングス)・クローディア Diāche Kinguzu Kurōdia) is an international student studying abroad in Uminari City, owning the title "Lord Dearche" for Brave Duel games. As a human, her pupils are no longer contracted. Her battle-related designs are based on Hayate's in The MOVIE 2nd A's instead.

Powers[edit | edit source]

Dearche's Devices include Yersiniakreuz and the Tome of the Purple Sky, purplish copies of Hayate's Devices.

In The Battle of Aces, Material-D is one of the most powerful characters, combining Hayate's and Reinforce's enormous mana output and Shamal's healing skills. After Dearche acquires her new powers upon reviving in The Gears of Destiny, her new/true magic color is black, matching the literal meaning of her Japanese name.

Knight Armor[edit | edit source]

As revealed in The Gears of Destiny Material Girls., Dearche's protective clothing, presumably an Ancient Belkan Knight Armor, is known as Diabolique (暗黒甲冑(デアボリカ) Deaborika, lit. Darkness Armor). Its design (except colors) is same as that of Hayate's Knight Armor in A's, except that hers does not include a hat.

In the movie continuity, Dearche's Diabolique has instead an original new design with a chest armor plate, although its overall style is still similar to Hayate's.

Spells[edit | edit source]

Doom BringerAncient BelkaAttackShooting
InfernoAncient BelkaAttackShooting
Majesty of the LordAncient BelkaCaptureBind
SleipnirAncient BelkaSupportTransport

Dearche also casts a copy of Sleipnir for flight support. Although not revealed in the series, it should have a different name from Hayate's Sleipnir, based on the naming of Dearche's other copied spells.

In the games[edit | edit source]

Spells in The Battle of Aces

Cross Range Long Range Long Range (Charged)
Attack/Basic[unnamed]Yersinia Dagger
Block/HighPain MakerDoom Bringer
Spells in The Gears of Destiny

Cross Range Long Range Long Range (Charged)
Attack/Basic[unnamed]Yersinia DaggerInferno
Block/HighMajesty of the LordDoom BringerMajesty of the Lord
△△EX AttackDoom Bringer variation---

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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