Meist Arm
Meist Arm
Corona turning her arm into golem arm
Spell profile
Primary casterCorona Timil
Magic systemMidchilda
CategoryAttack (Manipulation)
StyleMeist Arts
Japanese nameマイストアーム
(Maisuto Āmu)
First app.ViVid (ch.27)
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Meist Arm (マイストアーム Maisuto Āmu) is Corona Timil's unique physical melee attack, utilizing her specialty in Creation spell to generate a gigantic golem arm for attacking.

The golem arm can either be equipped on her own arm (which is considered as dangerous by Nove Nakajima) or generated separately aside her arm. When generated separately, the arm is generally synchronized with Corona's arm for manipulation, although it can also be launched to the opponent like a shooting spell (weaker version of Goliath's Rocket Punch) as shown in the anime.


Meist presumably comes from "Golem Meister" (German for "Golem Master"), the title possessed by Corona due to her special battle style.

Notable usesEdit

  • Although not named nor depicted in details, Corona first casts it in ViVid (ch.27) / ViVid anime (ep.10) during her training with Nove, for the brainstorming of tactics for her upcoming Intermiddle match against Einhard Stratos.
  • Corona casts it again in ViVid (ch.27) at the beginning of her match with Einhard without naming it. By punching from the air, she successfully gives damage to Einhard and blocks her from interrupting the casting of Golem Create. When adopted in ViVid anime (ep.10), the golem arm is generated separately and launched to Einhard.
  • In ViVid (ch.29) / ViVid anime (ep.11), Corona casts it against Einhard again, but is defended by Einhard, who twists and breaks the golem arm and gives Corona's right arm damage in return.
  • Corona uses Meist Arm a few times in ViVid (ch.72-77), during the Leuven quest and her fight with Tao Raikaku there.


Meist Arm Vanguard Shift

Meist Arm Vanguard Shift in ViVid Strike!

Meist Arm Vanguard Shift (マイストアームヴァンガードシフト Maisuto Āmu) is a variation of the spell to generate two separate arms aside. It is first seen in ViVid (ch.72) during the Leuven quest, and later in ViVid Strike! (ep.5.5, OVA) during the spar between Corona and Fuka Reventon.

Melee attacks used under Meist Arm or its Vanguard Shift include:

  • Knuckle Break (ナックルブレイク Nakkuru Bureiku) is a strong right punch attack used in her fight with Tao.[1] It is the arm-only variation of Gigant Break.
  • Spiral Finger (スパイラルフィンガー Supairaru Fingā) is an attack with spinning golem arm. It is used in Corona's Intermiddle match against Einhard,[2][3] as well as her fight with Tao.[4]

Shooting attacks used under Meist Arm or its Vanguard Shift include:

  • Drill Crusher Punch[5]
  • Rock Cannon (ロックカノン Rokku Kanon) is a guided shooting attack of rocks fired from the left palm of the arms under Vanguard Shift. It is used against some slime monsters in Leuven.[6]
  • Grapple Claw (グラップルクロー Gurappuru Kurō) is a shooting of both arms in claw-like form to capture the opponent. The command phrase is "Shoot!" when she uses it against Tao.[4]


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