Dieci looking over Midchilda
Dieci looking over Midchilda
World profile
Other namesMid
TSAB index1st
Japanese nameミッドチルダ
First app.Nanoha (introduced)
StrikerS manga (ch.3, depicted)
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Midchilda (ミッドチルダ Middochiruda) is the 1st world administrated by TSAB. The prefix "1st world" is used rarely compared to other worlds' designations (such as "3rd world Vaizen").

Name[edit | edit source]

"Midchilda", commonly shortened to Mid (ミッド Middo), is the official spelling in StrikerS and subsequent series as well as THE MOVIE 1st. However, it had also once been spelled as "Mid-Childa" in the Device card gift of A's DVD volumes.

History[edit | edit source]

Midchilda is the central world in the Nanoha series, as it is home to the technologically advanced civilization that developed the magic system practiced by most characters in the series, including the eponymous Nanoha Takamachi. Although mentioned as early as the original series, Midchilda was first prominently featured in StrikerS anime and manga. It has later become the setting of Sound Stage X, ViVid, and among other worlds, Force.

Notable locations[edit | edit source]

See also full semantic list of locations in Midchilda.

The world of Midchilda seems to have only one major (settled) continent, which is sub-divided into five regions: Central (中央区画 Chūō Kukaku), North, West, East, and South.[1] Midchilda has two moons.[2]

Midchilda Central[edit | edit source]

Midchilda North[edit | edit source]

Midchilda West[edit | edit source]

Midchilda East[edit | edit source]

  • Midchilda East 12th
    • Park Road is an amusement park.[8]
  • Jail Scaglietti's laboratory was an underground laboratory located under the woodlands in Midchilda East. It was built by Scaglietti in perfect secrecy near the location where he discovered the Saint's Cradle, also buried deep in the ground. Both the hideout and the Cradle were destroyed during the JS Incident.
  • Rigate (リガーテ), located in Northeastern Midchilda, is the official birthplace of Isis Egret, and possibly where the Egret family resides.[9]

Midchilda South[edit | edit source]

  • Midchilda South 7th
    • Artesaim District (アルトセイム地方) is the official birthplace of Fate Testarossa. The region remains Mid-Childa's frontier, rich in resources but largely unexplored.[10]
  • Midchilda South 9th
    • Altena District (アルテナ地方) is where the Berlinetta family residence located.[11] It is also where Rinne Berlinetta makes her debut as a striker candidate in the local tournament.
  • Battalion 386 HQ is where Subaru Nakajima and Teana Lanster served before being transferred to Riot Force 6.[10]
  • Yagami Residence.[12]

Other locations[edit | edit source]

  • Einherial was located somewhere in the mountainous regions of Mid-Childa, but its exact location is unknown.
  • TSAB High Council location was strictly classified.

Residents[edit | edit source]

Locals[edit | edit source]

From other worlds[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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