Mind control is a rare magical effect wherein one individual controls the thoughts and actions of another.


  • In StrikerS, Dr. Jail Scaglietti learned to fuse mages' Linker Cores with Relics, giving him and his subordinate Numbers (particularly Quattro) remote control over them. Individuals subjected to this procedure during the JS Incident included Vivio Takamachi, Ginga Nakajima, and Lutecia Alpine. In all cases, the subjects were freed from mind control by destroying the Relics inside them with sufficiently powerful magical attacks.
  • In StrikerS Sound Stage X, the Mariage display the ability to control their (non-mage) victims' movements, forcing them to impale themselves on Mariage's blades or commit suicide in other ways. No defense has ever been shown against this ability, nor has it been used against trained mages.


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