Mobile Shells (機動外殻 Kidō Gaikaku) are automated machinery used as industrial equipment for civil engineering and construction etc. on Eltria.[1]

In Reflection and Detonation, Iris and Kyrie Florian use the industrial trucks on Earth as materials to create Mobile Shells with the Variant System. These Mobile Shells are added with functions for the objective of antipersonnel capture.[1]

Notable Mobile Shells[edit | edit source]

  • Fortress Granato (城塞のグラナート Jōsai no Guranāto, lit. Garnet of Fortress/Citadel) is a ground invasion-type Mobile Shell arranged by Iris as Stern's "subordinate" in Reflection.
  • Seadust Turchese (海塵のトゥルケーゼ Kaijin no Turukēze, lit. Turquoise of Sea Dust) is an amphibious invasion-type Mobile Shell arranged by Iris as Levi's "subordinate" in Reflection.
  • Shadow Ametista (黒影のアメティスタ Kokuei no Ametisuta, lit. Amethyst of Black Shadow) is an aerial-type Mobile Shell arranged by Iris as Dearche's "subordinate" in Reflection.

References[edit | edit source]

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