Momoko Takamachi
Momoko Takamachi
Character profile

33 (Nanoha)
33 (A's manga)
33 (A's)

47 (ViVid)
Date of birthMarch 4,[1] 0032[2]
FamilyTakamachi family
OccupationCafe patisserie and manager
Japanese name高町桃子
(Takamachi Momoko)
First app.Nanoha (ep.1)
Voiced byAki Fujisawa (Japanese, Triangle Heart)
Erika Amano (Japanese)
Emiko Takeuchi (Japanese, Reflection)
Michelle Ann Dunphy (English)
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Momoko Takamachi (高町桃子 Takamachi Momoko) is the mother of Nanoha Takamachi and the wife of Shiro Takamachi.

In Nanoha and A'sEdit

While Momoko does not play a major role in the series, she is a character that Nanoha trusts greatly, which is demonstrated when Nanoha decides to talk to her about being allowed to stay on Arthra.

Even though Momoko gives her permission to Nanoha to stay on the ship, she does not know about her daughter's magical talent until the end of A's, when Nanoha tells all the people close to her.

In ViVidEdit

Momoko makes a cameo appearance in ViVid (ch.1) along with her husband and Miyuki Takamachi, receiving a picture of Vivio Takamachi, her adopted granddaughter, on her cellphone.

Alternate continuitiesEdit

Triangle HeartEdit

Like the rest of the Takamachi family, Momoko first appears in Triangle Heart 3. in which she is Nanoha's biological mother, Kyoya Takamachi's stepmother and Miyuki's adopted mother (after the death of Miyuki's biological parents, i.e. Shiro's sister Misato Mikami and her husband).


Momoko appears in The MOVIE 1st briefly, and later in Reflection.

In Reflection, she and Nanoha visit Allston Sea, an amusement park owned by the Bunnings, along with the families of Nanoha's schoolmates.

In Reflection manga (ch.6), Momoko having a conversation with Lindy Harlaown at Midori-ya about Nanoha's future.

Brave DuelEdit

Momoko Takamachi is, in addition to the mother of Nanoha Takamachi, a sempai of Quint Nakajima during their student lives.


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