Nanoha Sound Stage 03
Sound Stage 03
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SeasonMagical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Japanese title「なのは サウンドステージ03」
(Nanoha Saundo Stēji 03)
PublishedApril 6, 2005
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Nanoha Sound Stage 03 (なのは サウンドステージ03 Nanoha Saundo Stēji 03) is a Sound Stage corresponding to episode 14 of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. It was originally published on April 6, 2005.

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After the end of the original series, Nanoha continues her magical training with Yuuno and her Device Raising Heart on Earth. After a training session, they are contacted from the Arthra by Lindy, Chrono, and Amy, who praise Nanoha on her progress. Lindy tries to recruit Nanoha, who points out she still has six years of school ahead of her. Chrono explains that AAA ranked mages are rare and that the Time-Space Administrative Bureau is short on hands. Yuuno and Chrono pick on each other , much to the girls' amusement. Amy informs Nanoha that Fate is still facing trial, but her innocence is all but proven. Later, at school, Nanoha reveals that she and Fate have been exchanging recorded messages, and that in her last message she asked Fate not to mention any magi, so she can show it to Alisa and Suzuka. At the same time, Fate is released from detention and is allowed to stay on board the Arthra. She and Lindy discuss Fate's past and, in particular, her relationship to Precia. Fate admits that if Precia explained her status as Alicia's clone from the beginning, things might have gone better, but she nevertheless still considers Precia her mother. Lindy tells Fate that she was planning to adopt her and asks Fate to think about it. Later, Fate has a sparring session with Chrono and realizes that if she accepts Lindy's offer, Chrono would become her big brother. In the evening, Amy treats all of them to a festive dinner to commemorate her and Chrono's anniversary working on Arthra. Despite Fate not being allowed to communicate with real-time messages, they are then contacted by Nanoha and Yuuno through a real-time transmission that is off by less than a second in order to show spectacular magical fireworks for them that Nanoha shoots outside of Uminari City. However, after firing the fireworks, the two realize that in their excitement, they forgot to put up a barrier. As a result, the fireworks were seen by the locals, among them Arisa and Suzuka.


Three of the tracks are vocal songs:

  • "Egao ni Naare" by Tamura Yukari (track 5)
  • "Kimi no Sora Ni" by Mizuhashi Kaori (track 8)
  • "Skyblue Gradation" by Mizuki Nana (track 16)


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