Nephilim Fist
Nephilim Fist
Nephilim Fist Full Control Mode
Spell profile
Primary casterCorona Timil
Magic systemMidchilda
Japanese nameネフィリムフィスト
(Nefirimu Fisuto)
First app.ViVid (ch.28)
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Nephilim Fist (ネフィリムフィスト Nefirimu Fisuto) is part of Corona Timil's Meist Arts in ViVid. It is a body-auto-manipulation magic through applying the gists of golem-controlling.

It loads a pre-programmed system so that different types of auto-attacks or auto-counters can be performed under specific situations. When cast with two hands, Brunzel turns into Wristlet Form.

In the Belkan era, Olivie Segbrecht also used a similar system of body-manipulation magic.


The Nephilim were a group of half-angelic, half-human giants mentioned in the Bible to have existed before the Great Deluge.

Notable usesEdit


The following modes are noted in the series:

  • Cross-range Combat Rush Mode (近接/接近格闘ラッシュモード Kinsetsu/Sekkin Kakutō Rasshu Mōdo)
  • Complete Defense (完全防御 Kanzen Bōgyo)
  • Full Control Mode (フルコントロールモード Furu Kontorōru Mōdo)
  • Mode Miura (ミウラさん Miura san)[1]


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