Noel K. Ehrlichkeit
Noel K. Ehrlichkeit
Character profile

24 (Nanoha)

24 (A's manga)
HomeworldEarth (Uminari City)
Date of birthDecember 24,[1] 0041[2]
FamilyFarin K. Ehrlichkeit (sister)
AffiliationTsukimura household
OccupationHead maid
Japanese nameノエル・K・エーアリヒカイト
(Noeru K Ēarihikaito)
First app.Nanoha
Voiced byErena Umihara (Japanese, Triangle Heart)
Hyo-sei (Japanese)
Laura Siegel (English)
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Noel K. Ehrlichkeit (ノエル・K・エーアリヒカイト Noeru K Ēarihikaito) is the head maid of the Tsukimura household. Nanoha Takamachi looks up to her as a cool, older sister figure in the original series. In Triangle Heart, Noel was mechanical, but appears to be an actual human in the Nanoha universe. Noel has a younger sister named Farin, who serves as Suzuka Tsukimura's personal maid.

Noel also makes a single-frame cameo appearance in the final chapter of the A's manga.

Name[edit | edit source]

"Ehrlichkeit" means "honesty" in German.

In Triangle Heart, her full name was Noel Kidou Ehrlichkeit (ノエル・綺堂・エーアリヒカイト Noeru Kidō Ēarihikaito).

References[edit | edit source]

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