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Jail Scaglietti and his original eleven Numbers (sans Due) during StrikerS
Jail Scaglietti and his original eleven Numbers (sans Due) during StrikerS
Organization profile
LocationScaglietti Labo
The Saint's Cradle
LeaderDr. Jail Scaglietti
Tre (front line commander)
Quattro (rear commander)
Japanese nameナンバーズ
First app.StrikerS
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The Numbers (ナンバーズ Nanbāzu) are twelve female Combat Cyborgs created by Jail Scaglietti for the task of collecting all Relics, who first appeared in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. Each Number is named after her respective serial number in Italian.


Jail Scaglietti's direct subordinates, the Numbers are all state-of-the-art Combat Cyborgs. Each is designated with a number between 1 and 12, which forms the base of their names, and has a special Inherent Skill, or "IS" for short. Despite each IS being powerful on its own right and the fact that the Numbers produce a unique magic sigil-like symbol when they activate it, they are not magic spells, as they use a power source different from magic.[1]

Of the twelve Numbers, four (Uno, Cinque, Sette, and Nove) were created through Clonal Culture method, while the rest were produced through Pure Culture. Additionally, Numbers 1 through 4 possesses small amounts of Scaglietti's genetic material within their DNA. Although it is unknown by which methods it was inserted into them,[2] at least Uno is, for all intents and purposes, an opposite-sex clone of Scaglietti himself. On another note, Otto and Deed were created using the genetic material from the same source, making them pseudo-blood-related sisters if not twins.


In addition to an Inherent Skill, each Number (except Uno) possesses one or more pieces of unique Inherent Equipment.

The design of the Numbers' catsuit-like uniforms are based on the "plugsuits" of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

In StrikerS[]

The extent of the Numbers' true power is demonstrated during episodes 16 and 17 of StrikerS when, with the help of thousands of Gadget Drones, they demolish Riot Force 6's base Long Arch and completely take down the defenses of the Time-Space Administration Bureau's Ground Forces HQ in less than 10 minutes. During the battle, they also capture Ginga Nakajima and subsequently brainwash her into becoming Number XIII.

Later in the series, when the Numbers come into full fighting force, it is revealed that they also serve a special contingency plan for Scaglietti - each one of them is pregnant with a clone of the Doctor, complete with his memories, so that any one of them can take over his purpose should he meet his demise. However, all Numbers are defeated by members of the Time-Space Administration Bureau, most of them by Riot Force 6. By the end of the series, the surviving numbers are in a rehabilitation program under supervision of Ginga Nakajima and her father Genya Nakajima.


Below, "BA Rank" means "Body Augmentation Rank", not to be confused with mage rank.
#NameBA RankInherent SkillInherent EquipmentOther abilities
1UnoAFlawless Secretary
2DueALiar's MaskPiercing NailShapeshifting
3TreS+Ride ImpulseImpulse BladeFlight
4QuattroBSilver CurtainSilver CapeFlight
5CinqueAARumble DetonatorStinger
Shell Coat
6SeinADeep DiverPeriscope Eye
7SetteSSlaughter ArmsBoomerang BladeFlight
8OttoBRay StormStealth JacketFlight
9NoveAAABreak LinerGun Knuckle
Jet Edge
Strike Arts
10DieciAHeavy BarrelEnormous Cannon
11WendiAAAerial RaveRiding Board
12DeedAATwin Blades (spell)Twin BladesFlight
13Ginga NakajimaShooting Arts


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