Olivie Sägebrecht
Olivie Segbrecht Vivid
Character profile
Other namesLast Saint King of the Cradle
HomeworldOld Belka (Cradle)
Date of deathuncertain
FamilySägebrecht family
Saint King bloodline
AffiliationSaint King Alliance
Shutra (Empire)
OccupationPrincess / King
SystemAncient Belka
Japanese nameオリヴィエ・ゼーゲブレヒト
(Orivie Zēgeburehito)
First app.ViVid (ch.6, portrait)
Voiced byMadoka Yonezawa
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Olivie Sägebrecht (オリヴィエ・ゼーゲブレヒト Orivie Zēgeburehito) was the last Belkan Saint King (Heiliger Kaiser) to use the Saint's Cradle,[2] whose death marked the end of the Saint King Unification War.


Although introduced as early as StrikerS, Olivie's name was first revealed in ViVid (she is referred simply as "the last Saint King" in StrikerS). Also, as of ViVid chapter 6, her family name is revealed to be Sägebrecht or Segebrecht, a German family name.

Olivie is addressed as Her Royal Highness Saint Princess Olivie (オリヴィエ聖王女殿下 Orivie Seiōjo Denka) and nicknamed by her servants and some others as ViVi-sama (ヴィヴィ様 Vivi sama). After leading the knight guilds in Shutra, she is also referred to by Wilfred Eremiah as Princess Knight of Shutra (シュトゥラの姫騎士 Shutura no Hime Kishi).[3] After the Unification War, she is honoured as the Last Saint King of the Cradle (最後のゆりかごの聖王 Saigo no Yurikago no Seiō), or simply Saint King (聖王 Seiō).


Einhard Stratos, who inherited some of Claus Ingvalt's memories, describes Olivie "bright as the sun, and subtle as a flower".[4]


Young Olivie Sägebrecht ViVid

Olivie as a child

Olivie and Vivio appear identical, with one immediately noticeable difference being their hair styles. Another major difference is that Olivie lost both her arms at a young age in a magic accident[5] and had to use artificial gauntlets as arms, though this does not seem to have bothered her or impaired her combat and magical skills.

Olivie bears a great resemblance to Saber from Fate/stay night in both appearance and back story. Her combat outfit bears strong resemblance to that of Princess Gradriel Do Valendia from the game Princess Crown.

In StrikerSEdit

Olivie does not appear in StrikerS but samples of her blood, found on the Shroud of the Saint King, are used by Jail Scaglietti to create Vivio. Vivio is hence for most intents and purposes, Olivie's clone; while Olivie is Vivio's "original" (母体(オリジナル) orijinaru, lit. parent/mother body).

In ViVidEdit

Olivie is first properly named and depicted in ViVid. She was born a princess of the Sägebrecht family, then the leading faction of the Saint King Alliance (聖王連合 Seiō Rengō),[6] aboard the Saint's Cradle. Although possessing a (mediocre) compatibility to steer the Cradle, she had not been considered for the Saint Kings' throne due to the loss of both her arms at an early age and, in fact, was sent as a political hostage to Shutra for four years, with whom the Saint King Alliance was allied at the time.[4] It is there that she met Prince Claus Ingvalt, with whom she developed a very close sibling relationship despite her situation.

Later on, when Olivie became the Saint King, she and Ingvalt the Hegemon were both considered the strongest fighters of their era. History books, however, do not mention who of them was the strongest one.[7] Einhard Stratos' inner monologues and flashbacks suggest that Ingvalt tried to defeat Olivie in order to prevent her from sacrificing her life to end the war but failed.


Einhard Stratos claims that Olivie was one of the most powerful knights in history. During Einhard's Intermiddle match with Corona Timil, it is revealed from her inherited memories that Olivie also used body-manipulation magic similar to Nephilim Fist, presumably to control her gauntlet arms. With the gauntlet arms, Olivie could wield a claymore or a two-handed axe for battles.

Fabia Crozelg identifies that Olivie's Battle Clothing has similar color(s) with Vivio's black Barrier Jacket.[8]


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