Overpressure Force Field
Spell profile
Primary casterArmed Force mages
Magic systemMidchilda
CategoryForce field
Japanese name強装結界
(Kyōsō Kekkai)
First app.A's (ep.4)
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Overpressure Force Field (強装結界 Kyōsō Kekkai, lit. Strongly-armed Force Field) is an area-type force field spell used to capture the caster's target.


Kyōsō in its spell name means that the force field's effect will be (synergically) increased when co-cast by multiple casters.

Notable usesEdit

In A's (ep.4-5), the Administrative Bureau Armed Force mages use it to imprison Vita and Zafira. In order to help them, Signum enters through the force field with Purple Lightning Flash. Shamal, staying outside the field, comments that it can only be broken by Signum's "Falken" or Vita's "Gigant-level" mana (e.g. Gigantschlag). It is eventually destroyed by Shamal's Thunder of Destruction after Chrono Harlaown and one of the Masked Men show up.


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