Oxtongue, as it appears in INNOCENT
Device profile
Other namesCW-AEC09X-2 Oxtongue
MasterTeana Lanster
CreatorCaledfwlch Techniques
Magic systemSpecial (AEC)
TypeAEC Armament
Japanese nameオクスタン
First app.Force (ch.23)
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CW-AEC09X-2 Oxtongue (オクスタン Okusutan) is a magic-driven weapon manufactured for Special Duty Section 6's Teana Lanster by the Vaizen-based Caledfwlch Techniques in Force.


The model designation of Oxtongue, "CW-AEC09X-2", may stand for "Caledfwlch Anti-Eclipse Experimental Weapon 09", while details for the suffix "-2" is not yet revealed and may be related to the model being an enhancement of Javelin.

Oxtongue is a reference to the Super Robot Wars series, where Oxtongue Launcher is a weapon series employed by the mecha Weiss Ritter and its derivative designs such as Weiss Saber and Wild Falken. All of these are characterized by being long-range weapons with both solid and energy firing modes, as well as usually featuring a tertiary firing mode combining both types of shots.


Oxtongue is first seen wielding by Teana during the capture of the Grendel family in Force (ch.23). She also uses it in later chapters.

Notably, in the INNOCENT card game's crossover cards with Force, Duelist Hayate Yagami also wields a black and gold Oxtongue while pairing with her Fortress. In Force, however, she instead wields Strike Cannon while pairing with Fortress.


In its default form, Oxtongue looks similar to a stockless assault rifle. Comparing with Javelin, there is an extra two-sided handle between the pipe and magazine for holding upon sighting and firing.


Depending on the cartridge used, Oxtongue can fire composite energy bolts, heavy-metal solid bolts or electronic guided bolts etc.[1] This makes it very similar to a mass weapon, whose use is banned by the Bureau; a special permission to manufacture such a weapon had to be procured by the SDS6 and Caledfwlch.

Oxtongue bears a "Safety" function whose details are not yet revealed. It may possibly be similar to the "firing lock" of normal Devices. The aria to turn off the restrictions is "Safety Off".


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