Phil Maxwell
Phil's human appearance in Detonation
Character profile
Other namesChief
SpeciesHuman (at birth)
Bio-Android (revived)
AffiliationPlanet Reclamation Committe
DeviceVariant Weapon
Japanese nameフィル・マクスウェル
(Firu Makusūeru)
First app.Detonation
Voiced byKouichi Yamadera

Phil Maxwell (フィル・マクスウェル Firu Makusūeru) is one of the main antagonist introduced on Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation. He is the last chief of Planet Reclamation Committe (エルトリア惑星再生委員会・地上研究所 Erutoria Wakusei Saisei Iinkai Chijō Kenkyūjo).


Phil's family name is presumably a reference to the United States car company Maxwell.


Alternate continuitiesEdit


Phil only appears in Detonation. Phil will appear in Iris' flashback about Eltria's history.[1]

40 years before the events of Detonation, Phil and his workers working on the laboratory to revive the Planet Eltria. Iris is Phil's first creation of the android. After seeing Yuri's abilities, Phil and other workers believed she must be the key of reviving the Planet Eltria, so they hope Yuri can stay together with Iris in the laboratory. Sometimes later, due to the agents suspect the laboratory might a working in an illegal project, the revive project was forced to abandoned. Phil was thinking how to solves the problem since then. Later, Phil decided to stopped the revive project and begin his new plan of sold Iris and Yuri as a high-prize weapons to an illegal factions. Phil tells Iris goes outside to playing with young Granz Florian and Elenoa Florian, while he created a lot of androids to kills the laboratory workers. With Yuri discovered about this, she tries to stop Phil and asking him why is he doing such thing, he replies that he's getting tired of experiment since he lost everything thanks to an agents, so he wants to creates a "new world". Soon, Phil was killed by Yuri. Due to Phil added his information data inside Iris' body, his soul was transferred into Iris' body after his death. Phil also changed Iris' memory to make her believed Yuri is the one who causes the destruction of Planet Eltria. Even since Phil's soul transferred to Iris' body, he has been waiting for his resurrection.

In Detonation, Phil was waiting for Iris creating an Iris Group so he can transfers his soul into that android's body. After Yuri was free from Iris' control, he comes to attacks Dearche but Stern and Levi protecting her. The souls trio can't believe that Phil is still alive when he's supposed to be killed by Yuri in 40 years ago. Phil then activate his System Alter ability and defeats the three souls at once. After Phil controlling Yuri and Iris, he and the others was teleport to the Tokyo Station. Soon, Phil fight against Amitie Florian and Nanoha Takamachi while the others were fight against Dearche and Kyrie Florian. After seeing Nanoha's abilities, Phil was quite impressive at her abilities and stated he hope she can become his daughter, Phil also hope he can obtains Nanoha's abilities to control the Earth. Later when Phil is defeated by Nanoha and Fate T. Harlaown, Nanoha stated she will sent him to the jail. Thought, Phil warns Nanoha and the TSAB mages that if they dare to sent him into the jail, he will uses the satellite cannon that he created back when Kyrie and Iris arrived on Earth to destroy the Earth. After Nanoha was stopped the cannon and being sent into the hospital, Phil was sent into the jail by the TSAB mages.

Brave DuelEdit

It's mentioned by his daughter Iris Sevenfield in INNOCENTS (Duel:eX), a bonus chapter published in the Detonation pamphlet. He is a environmental scientist and an old friend of Granz Florian. However, his name is yet to be revealed as the bonus chapter is published before the release of Detonation.


Due to being uses Iris Group's android body, like the other androids and Mobile Shell, Phil was immune to magic. Phil wields an black weapon named Variant Weapon, which it have a forms similars to Variant Fencer and Finest Cannon. It's not known if the weapon is relate to Variant Unit or not.

Protective ClothingEdit


Phil's Invasion Armament Suit

Phil wears a Invasion Armament Suit (侵攻武装 Shinkō Busō) named Maxwell (マクスウェル Makusūeru), it was based on Iris Group with some function changes. It allowed Phil activate System Alter without any problem, unlike Nanoha and the Florian sisters which have a time limit and injures user's body after activate it.[2]


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