Physical Heal
Yuuno treating Nanoha's wounds
Yuuno treating Nanoha's wounds
Spell profile
Primary casterMidchildan system practitioners
Magic systemMidchilda
Japanese nameフィジカルヒール
(Fijikaru Hīru)
First app.Nanoha (ep.13)
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Physical Heal (フィジカルヒール Fijikaru Hīru) is a basic healing spell, mainly learnt by mages of the back positions.

Name[edit | edit source]

The Ancient Belkan equivalent of Physical Heal has not been named in the series. It is covered in this article for simplicity, until there is other canonical source.

Notable uses[edit | edit source]

Possible uses of the spell are noted as follows:

Notable uses of equivalent spells under other systems:

References[edit | edit source]

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