Pile Smasher
Pile Smasher
Nanoha charging a Pile Smasher shot
Device profile
MasterNanoha Takamachi
TSAB members
CreatorCaledfwlch Company
Magic systemNil (EM Force)
TypeEM Equipment
Japanese nameパイルスマッシャー
(Pairu Sumasshā)
First app.Reflection
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Pile Smasher (パイルスマッシャー Pairu Sumasshā) is a battery-driven EM Equipment manufactured for the Administrative Bureau by Caledfwlch Company in the movie continuity.

It is a stationary-type railgun that can be carried and used by an individual, created for the purpose of destroying gigantic opponents and buildings.


Alternate continuitiesEdit

In the movie continuity, Pile Smasher appears primarily in Reflection and Detonation.

Nanoha Takamachi uses an experimental model of it when Fortress Granato, a Mobile Shell arranged by Iris for Stern, approaches Allston Sea theme park. TSAB members also uses it in Detonation, when the Mobile Shells attacking Tokyo.


Pile Smasher's electromagnetic bombardments are powerful, but cannot be fired continuously, especially under the experimental stage. After firing one shot at its maximum output, it is necessary to change the battery and cool down the barrel.

Despite hand‐portable, Pile Smasher needs to be stationed at specific strong points for firing. Two energy wires are then generated at its neck for mooring purpose, while the two black wires below its handle are apparently power cords.


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