Plasma Zanber
Plasma Zanber
Plasma Zanber in The MOVIE 2nd A's
Spell profile
Other namesPlasma Zanber Breaker
Primary casterFate Testarossa
Magic systemMidchilda
TypeBombardment (Aimed)
Japanese nameプラズマザンバー
(Purazuma Zanbā)
First app.A's (ep.12)
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Plasma Zanber (プラズマザンバー Purazuma Zanbā)[1][2] is Fate Testarossa's bombardment attack, fired with Bardiche Assault's Zanber Form.

With a speedy ceremonial magic, lightning strikes are generated and charged onto Bardiche's Zanber blade. Such energy, combined with Fate's own mana and that from Bardiche's cartridges, is unleashed as a gigantic bombardment to completely destroy the opponent.[3]

The notable incantation used by Fate is "Thunderlight flash!" (雷光一閃! Raikō issen!)[4][5]


Plasma Zanber is the spell name referred to by Fate initially in A's (ep.12) / The MOVIE 2nd A's (c/w Ragnarök by Hayate Yagami) and by Bardiche in The MOVIE 2nd A's (c/w Starlight Breaker by Raising Heart Exelion) during its charge.

Since "Breaker" is added like a command phrase to launch the attack, it is named Plasma Zanber Breaker (プラズマザンバーブレイカー Purazuma Zanbā Bureikā) in A's DVD Booklet (but not in the booklet for the movie adaptation). The attack itself is, however, not really a Breaker spell.

Notable usesEdit

In A's (ep.12) / The MOVIE 2nd A's, Fate casts it together with Nanoha Takamachi's Starlight Breaker and Hayate's Ragnarök to destroy the body of the Defense Program.


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