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Carim using Prophetinschriften
Carim using Prophetinschriften
Spell profile
Other namesBook of the Prophet
Primary casterCarim Gracia
Magic systemAncient Belka
CategoryRare Skill
Japanese name預言者の著書(プロフェーティン・シュリフテン)
(Purofētin Shurifuten)
First app.StrikerS (ep.13)
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Prophetinschriften (預言者の著書(プロフェーティン・シュリフテン) Purofētin Shurifuten, lit. "Book of the Prophet", Ger. "Sybil's Writings")[1] is Carim Gracia's Rare Skill. It allows her to foresee events between half a year and several years into the future and record them as a poem in highly archaic Belkan language.

The ability relies on a specific alignment of two of Midchilda's moons, so she is only able to use it once a year. Combined with the difficulties of correct interpretation, Prophetinschriften is, as Carim puts it, "as useful as a fairly accurate horoscope", however, it was only thanks to this ability that the Administrative Bureau was able to prepare for the JS Incident by establishing the Riot Force 6.


The name of this Rare Skill may have been inspired by the Sibylline Books.

Notable uses[]

Carim uses it in StrikerS (ep.13) to show Nanoha Takamachi and Fate T. Harlaown the prophecy related to the JS Incident.


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