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Quint Nakajima
Quint Nakajima
Character profile
Date of birthuncertain
Date of death0067
FamilyNakajima family
AffiliationGround Armaments Service
RankWarrant Officer
PartnerMegane Alpine
SystemModern Belka
RankAA (Ground)[1]
DeviceRevolver Knuckle
Japanese nameクイント・ナカジマ
(Kuinto Nakajima)
First app.StrikerS (flashback)
Voiced byAsako Dodo
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Quint Nakajima (クイント・ナカジマ Kuinto Nakajima) is the late adoptive mother of Ginga and Subaru Nakajima, as well as the wife of Genya Nakajima.


She was killed by the Numbers while investigating the Combat Cyborg Incident along with Zest Grangeitz and the rest of their investigation team (except Megane Alpine who was critically injured). Quint's death motivates Ginga and Genya to investigate the identity and the whereabouts of her killer. Quint was buried in the Portfall Memorial Garden.

In chapter 16 of ViVid, Megane mentions that she and Quint faced each other in the DSAA Intermiddle Championship tournament at least once in their youth.


Ginga and Subaru, being Type Zero cyborgs, are not biological children of Quint. However, the two resemble Quint, and the Administrative Bureau later determined that this is due to the fact that both of them share Quint's genetic material, which was presumably stolen.[2] Seeing how the Number Nove was based on Subaru's genes, she is likewise genetically related to Quint. Vivio referred to Quint as Subaru and Nove's mother during a telepathic conversion with Einhard.[3]


Quint used both Revolver Knuckles, one on each hand. While temporarily doing so when rescuing Nanoha Takamachi from The Saint's Cradle, Subaru remarks that she is unable to use both consistently, and that Quint must have been very strong.

Quint is the original user of Shooting Arts, a rollerblade-based magical martial art which she had (learned and) studied about since student age. Ginga learned it from Quint before her death and taught Subaru "on behalf" of her. The mana-driven rollerblades used by Quint have no known name in the series, and may or may not have been a Device.

Presumably, Quint also possessed the Wing Road spell, which Ginga and Subaru inherited from her as an "Inherent Magic" as commented by Shario Finieno; and which Nove gained as an Inherent Skill, i.e. Air Liner.


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