Device profile
Other namesCW-ADX Raptor
CreatorCaledfwlch Techniques
Magic systemSpecial (AEC)
HandlingAuxiliary control
Humanoid Device profile
Date of birth0081
AffiliationSpecial Duty Section 6
DeviceStrike Cannon
War Hammer
Japanese nameラプター
First app.Force (ch.15)
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CW-ADX(アーマーダイン) Raptor (ラプター Raputā) is a series of multipurpose humanoid autonomous generic Devices (自立作動型汎用端末(デバイス)) produced by Caledfwlch Techniques for the Special Duty Section 6 in Force.


The Raptors' model designation "CW-ADX" stands for "Caledfwlch Armour Dine Experimental". "Armour Dine" (アーマーダイン Āmādain) is the official ruby transliteration of "AD" and also happens to be the title of Force chapter 21.

The term "raptor" generally refers to birds of prey, but is also the reporting name of F-22, Earth's first fifth-generation jet fighter. It may also refers to either Saleen S5S Raptor or Ford F-150 SVT Raptor to keep up with the franchise's automobile naming theme.

In ForceEdit

Twelve Raptor units, organized in two teams of six, have been produced in the first batch that initially entered service of Special Duty Section 6.

A team of six Raptors saw their first combat deployment against the Grendel family, who attempted to steal them en route to the SDS6. After bringing the human drivers to safety, the Raptors assisted SDS6 members in fighting off Kurt Grendel, but he proved too strong for them, taking down at least two units. The remaining units were ordered to bring the damaged ones to safety but were tricked by Lolo Endive, who disabled them and proceeded with the theft, which was ultimately foiled by Teana Lanster.


The Raptors are designed as multi-purpose combat units remotely controlled by a human operator and continuously transmitting back their telemetry data. It is possible for one operator to control multiple Raptor units but also for a team of operators to control a single unit. Additionally, all Raptors within the same unit constantly share data among themselves, effectively possessing a single hive mind; prototypes with individuality have not displayed satisfactory performance in group operations and have therefore been discontinued.

The standard batteries allow for 40 minutes of normal autonomous operation (25 minutes at maximum capacity), although additional batteries can be mounted on the unit to extend operational time.

In combat, the Raptors can wield some types of AEC Armament, such as the Strike Cannon and the War Hammer. Upon suffering sufficient damage, they become inoperational but as long as their central cores aren't damaged, they can be repaired. A high enough electrical current can knock them out almost instantly.

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