IS: Ray Storm
Spell profile
Other namesStorm of Optical Vortex
Primary casterOtto
Magic systemSpecial (IS)
Japanese nameレイストーム
(Rei Sutōmu)
First app.StrikerS (ep.17)
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Ray Storm (レイストーム Rei Sutōmu), also known as the Storm of Optical Vortex (光渦の嵐 Hikariuzu no Arashi)[1], is the Inherent Skill of Otto. It is the generic name for her area-of-effect attack and force field abilities. The energy using of Ray Storm is similar to the Midchildan magic system.

As an attacking skill, a jade-colored energy is gathered at Otto's right hand and then shot at a target area. Combined with Otto's innate technical skills, it is extremely destructive and perfectly capable of taking down targets located at multiple vectors. In addition, its exceptional range makes it a powerful IS.

Although Ray Storm is of area-of-effect type, it is sometimes used apparently as shooting spells, and guiding of the ray is possible.[2]


Ray Storm may be a reference to a namesake Taito shoot'em-up arcade game. Coincidentally its depiction in ViVid anime may also refer to R-Gray 2's thunder lock-on laser in that game.

Notable usesEdit

  • In StrikerS manga (ch.12), Otto is shown practicing Ray Storm under Sein and Dieci's supervision.
  • In StrikerS, Ray Storm is used to destroy the headquarters of Riot Force 6 and injure many of the staff including Shamal. Even the magic shields of Shamal and Klarwind cannot resist the attack.
  • In ViVid, Otto is appointed by Nove as Corona Timil's personal coach in their secret trainings for the Intermiddle Championship, and Ray Storm is used aiming at the weaknesses of golem controllers, i.e. hindering the casting of Creation and attacking the controller. Notably in the ViVid anime adoption, the energy ray is depicted like electricity instead of straight beams in StrikerS.


Otto uses a variation (derived spell) of it called Prisoner Box to imprison Teana Lanster during the final battle in StrikerS.


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