Restrict Lock
Restrict Lock
Fate unable to escape from Starlight Breaker due to Restrict Lock
Spell profile
Primary casterNanoha Takamachi
Teana Lanster
Vivio Takamachi
Magic systemMidchilda
Japanese nameレストリクトロック
(Resutoriku Rokku)
First app.Nanoha (Sound Stage 01)
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Restrict Lock (レストリクトロック Resutoriku Rokku) is Nanoha Takamachi's main binding spell, which can restrain the target within a specific area with light wheels. Besides binding an opponent, the spell can also be cast to lock an inorganic item with a specific space. According to Yuuno Scrya, this spell is a collection-type spell (i.e. Breaker, as defined in later series) which requires high-level skills.

Nanoha has learned it even before practising her attack and flight spells and is therefore very proficient with it. She usually places the light wheels around the limbs of her opponent. She first employs it against the multiple copies of a Jewel Seed monster in Nanoha (Sound Stage 01), and Yuuno is amazed at her mastering a high-rank binding spell so quickly. In The MOVIE 1st, additional scenes are produced depicting Yuuno teaching Nanoha to use binding spells.

By the time of Sound Stage X, Teana Lanster also manages to cast Restrict Lock, probably because she is mastering the mana-collection skills for Breaker spells. As multiple binds can be generated, Teana prefers casting it on the target's limbs and body.

In The Gears of Destiny, Restrict Lock is also the basic binding spell of Vivio Takamachi, in addition to Nanoha's. In the primary continuity, however, there is no coverage about how Vivio learns the spell, although she does use an unnamed binding spell in ViVid.

Notable usesEdit


Floater Lock (フローターロック Furōtā Rokku) is a preset variation of Restrict Lock adapted as Vivio's charged binding spell in The Gears of Destiny, similar to Chrono Harlaown's Delayed Bind. For game visual effects, it is shaped as a mana ellipsoid (invisible to the opponent) when cast for presetting, and same as Restrict Lock when the opponent is bound.


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