Revolver Knuckle
Mach Caliber
Mach Caliber (left) and
Subaru's Revolver Knuckle (right)
Device profile
MasterQuint Nakajima
Ginga Nakajima
Subaru Nakajima
Magic systemModern Belka
Special (IS)[1]
Japanese nameリボルバーナックル
(Riborubā Nakkuru)
First app.StrikerS manga (ch.4)
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Revolver Knuckle (リボルバーナックル Riborubā Nakkuru) is a Modern Belkan Armed Device that consists of two armored gauntlets. Each gauntlet can also be wielded independently (even against each other), as Subaru Nakajima currently owns the right one, and her sister Ginga, the left one. Both halves of the same Device once belonged to their late adoptive mother Quint Nakajima.


Apart from its prominent appearance in StrikerS, Subaru's Knuckle is also featured in Sound Stage X, ViVid and Force.

In ViVid, Revolver Knuckle also appears briefly in pair in Megane's flashback of her Inter-Middle match against Quint. When discussing with Einhard her new Device, Hayate also makes a reference to Revolver Knuckle, saying such a Wearable Device is too heavy for a grappler.


Revolver Knuckle

Ginga's Kunckle and the standby form of Blitz Caliber

Revolver Knuckle's ordinary form is a pair (or individual) gauntlets. Since it creates considerable difficulties for transportation, upon synchronization with Blitz Caliber and Mach Caliber, they can assume a proper standby form, wherein they become part of the respective crystals (the Calibers' standby forms).

In addition to the explanation of Shari and the transformation of Subaru, this is also evident in the fact that when Ginga temporarily hands her half of the Revolver Knuckle over to Subaru in the end of StrikerS, she gives her the standy-form Blitz Caliber.

The design of the Device is based on Gear Fighter Dendoh.


Both Subaru and Ginga have their Revolver Knuckles synchronized with their Intelligent Devices, Mach Caliber and Blitz Caliber, respectively, giving them additional combat strength. The relationship between the synchronized Devices is probably a master/slave one, wherein the Intelligent Device both acts as its master's magic-assisting tool, and controls the Armed Device, which is a weapon stripped of all but combat functions. It is unknown whether Quint used Revolver Knuckle as her primary spell-casting Device.

Upgrade Description Appearances
Cartridge System
Six-cylinder revolver type Cartridge System,[2] which is similar to Bardiche's. One is installed in each of the two gauntlets. StrikerS (ep.1) — present
Knuckle Spinner
The high-speed spinning gear parts around the wrists, which allows acceleration and spinning of mana to boost bashing power. StrikerS (ep.1) — present
The knuckles are capable of auto-personalizing, to fit with the master's arm size, and to match the master's personal colors. Subaru's is black with blue decals, while Ginga's is white with purple decals. They were pale purple and purple when used by Quint. When Subaru temporarily accquires Ginga's left Revolver Knuckle in addition to her own, by slamming her fists together the colors change from Ginga's to Subaru's. StrikerS (ep.25) — present



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