Revolver Shoot
Spell profile
Primary casterSubaru Nakajima
Magic systemModern Belka
Special (IS)
TypeShooting (Aimed)
Japanese nameリボルバーシュート
(Riborubā Shūto)
First app.StrikerS (ep.1)
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Revolver Shoot (リボルバーシュート Riborubā Shūto) is the basic shooting spell of Subaru Nakajima, who uses it in almost all of her battles.

The spell "shoots" a powerful sonic shockwave generated by the Knuckle Spinner of her Revolver Knuckle. Although the range is relatively short, it is capable of tearing through metal and even through weak defensive spells. Previously this spell consumes a single cartridge,[1] but after Subaru receives Mach Caliber, she can fire it without expending any.[2]

Revolver Shoot can also be cast under Subaru's Combat Cyborg Mode, and it is evidenced by how she destroys the defense system of The Saint's Cradle by the end of JS Incident.

Visually, it is a reference to the iconic Broken Magnum technique of GaoGaiGar fame.


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